‘Black Note Club’ has established itself as a cultural hub in Valencia over the past three decades, drawing both residents and visitors to its vibrant music scene. With a legacy steeped in live music history and dedication to top-notch performances, this venue has evolved into a meeting point for artists from around the world. Indeed, it is a cornerstone of the city’s music community. The place offers a rich variety of events, ensuring a musical feast for all preferences. Whether your heart beats to the rhythm of jazz, blues, rock, funk, or soul, the club boasts a versatile calendar that embraces diverse musical tastes. Renowned musicians, bands, and solo artists grace the stage with live performances, igniting an electric ambience.

The renowned multi-instrumentalist Jason Faust graced its stage, delivering a captivating musical performance. We had a chance to hear him alongside skilled fellow musicians Riley Fitzgerald on bass and Marco Falcon on drums. During the performance, he also introduced special guests: Corah and Alex Finardi-Haidar, both experts in their art. The array of tracks they presented included jazzified popular hits by Stevie Wonder, Elton John, or Queen, and a bunch of Jason’s original tracks such as ‘Singularity’ which moved people closer to the stage and got the whole room energized.

The talent and skill of the performers were unmistakably evident, shining brightly as they delivered a mesmerizing show. It was especially during their remarkable solos that their expertise truly came to the forefront, leaving an indelible impression on everyone in attendance. What was striking about the performance was the evident dedication and countless hours of practice that the performers had invested in perfecting their craft. Their seamless transitions and fantastic execution spoke volumes about the effort they had put into the show. It was clear that the stage was their second home, and they felt entirely at ease, creating a great atmosphere in the club. Jason effortlessly jumped from the piano keys to the trumpet, showcasing a musical fluency that felt like his native language. It was a great night where the audience and the artists united in the celebration of their shared passion for music.

 Report by Konrad Leśniak

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’



C/ de Polo y Peyrolón, 15,

46021 València, Valencia

Phone: 619 39 46 65

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