Flamenco singer, Soleá Morente, is due to perform this Friday night at Fundación Bancaja in Plaza de Tetuán. Following her traditional roots, Morente fuses the essence of the genre with a variety of musical styles. The concert, organised by the Bancaja Foundation with the collaboration of Pavasal, will take place on Friday 10th February at 20:00h.  The event marks the end of a cycle of concerts that began in October 2022 and included performances by the students of Berklee, a pop-rock group La Habitación Roja and the violinist, Fernando Pascual.

 Morente is the daughter of Enrique Morente, a well-known singer in the world of contemporary flamenco. Though Soleá’s music fuses countless styles from different parameters including electronic, rock, pop, indie and techno, her music is rooted in the flamenco tradition. The singer will be accompanied on stage by the guitarist, Rubén Campos. The pair will offer a broad repertoire of songs from across her four albums, including titles such as Alegrías, Ayer, Iba a decírtelo, Yo y la que fui y Lo que te falta.

Singing with her heart and soul, Soleá Morente is a dynamic and courageous artist who has firmly made her mark over the last few years and her versatility reminds us she’s one to keep an eye on.

Ticket sales for Soleá Morente’s concert will begin on Tuesday 7th February from 5:00pm at Fundación Bancaja’s box office in Plaza Tetuán.

More information about the cycle and ticket sales can be found here:


 Report by Imogen Hockings

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘Solea Morente’ photo copyright Alfredo Arias


Soleá Morente’s concert will take place on Friday 10 February at 8 p.m. in the auditorium of the Bancaja Foundation (C/ General Tovar, 3).


Address for tickets:

Fundación Bancaja

Plaça de Tetuan, 23, 46003,

València, Valencia



Bancaja Foundation Press Office

Tlf. 96 064 58 40 / 628 11 99 93


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