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We’ve all heard of wine tasting. But perhaps less on beer tasting. However, with the increasing popularity of craft beer and Valencia’s budding beer scene, something ought to be done to correct this! Las Cervezas del Mercado de Colón seeks to give credibility to the world of craft beer through a special tasting this week that focuses on finding the ideal glass for each type of beer. Taking place Tuesday 7th February and Wednesday 8th February downstairs in Mercado de Colón, Manuela Romeralo and Alejandro Jardel offer a special tasting for professionals in and around Valencia.

According to experts, just like wines, beers express themselves differently depending on the type of glass in which they are drunk. Muñoz Bosch and Bierwinkel arranged for award-winning sommelier, Manuela Romeralo and Bierwinkel’s biersommelier, Alejandro Jardel to explain this to us in detail. “For more than 30 years, we have been working at Bierwinkel to promote beer, so this activity is perfect as it helps us in our educational work” explains Alejandro Jardel. Rafa Muñoz from Muñoz Bosch also states; “We love trying to contribute to the gastronomic development of our clients”.

There will be four free sessions in which participants will learn how a beer is brewed, which glasses are ideal for maintaining foam, the technical characteristics of each glass and how the glasses influence the presentation of beer. First, a beer will be tasted in a classic glass before being served in its appropriate glass to appreciate the differences. For Manuela Romeralo, it is very important “to know how to choose the right glass when drinking a beer in order to appreciate all its nuances”. The beers will also be paired with gourmet cheese products from the market. A Loreto cheese will be served with the Zeta Hell beer, the Muzquia with Flying Pigs and the Guinness Special Export will be paired with a Gorgonzola cheese.

Las Cervezas Del Mercado is a must-visit spot in Valencia thanks to its ample selection of beers and high-quality cuisine with local products from the stalls of the market. It is a charming bar situated within one of the most iconic buildings in Valencia. Keep an eye out for more of their cultural and gastronomic initiatives throughout the year.


Report by Imogen Hockings

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


Address: Las Cervezas Del Mercado,

Mercat de Colón,

Carrer de Jorge Juan,

46004, Valencia

Contact Number: 962 930 081


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