‘Robotnik’ celebrates 20 years with RB-KAIROS+ by uncorking Bierwinkel craft beers!

From now on, parties can have a fun ‘Star Wars’ twist! The latest technology in robotics is in the Paterna Technology Park at the Valencian company Robotnik. And to celebrate its 20th anniversary it surprised us all by presenting a unique choreography between a dancer and the robot RB-KAIROS+, in an exceptional event in which the uncorking of Bierwinkel’s Valencian craft beers was also performed by a robot.

The Valencian company Robotnik has just celebrated 20 years dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of robots and autonomous mobile manipulators, becoming one of the leaders in its sector in Europe and the world.

Companies such as Orange, Pilz, Universal Robots or Schunk, representatives of universities, technology centres and different institutions, accompanied them in an event, full of surprises in the new facilities of the company, a building with 7,000 m2 located in the Technology Park of Valencia, where the company carries out 100% of its R&D, production and commercial activity. Those attending the celebration were able to enjoy a live choreography performed by the international dancer Sherezade Soriano with one of Robotnik’s star robots: the mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS+.

Robotnik’s robots are used in numerous industrial sectors and for different applications. Dancing and uncorking are not usually the most popular of choices, but it is clear that from now on, parties can have a fun “Star Wars” touch.


Robotnik is celebrating an anniversary of 20 years! The history of this Valencian company dates back to 2002, when it started its activity in the industrial robotics sector from a garage on the outskirts of the city and with the help of two partners: Roberto Guzmán and Rafael López, computer and telecommunications engineers, respectively, trained at the UPV.  As Rafael López points out, “when we embarked on this adventure, robotics sounded like science fiction. At that time, there weren’t many people working in mobile robotics in Spain and our environment barely understood what we were working on”. “Twenty years later, we are very proud to see what Robotnik has become,” says Roberto Guzmán. These two decades are full of awards, prizes for innovation and a multitude of milestones: from the installation of the first mobile robots in the Hospital La Fe in Valencia, the signing of the first international distribution agreements, the development of the first commercial mobile manipulators, the move to the Fuente del Jarro headquarters, or the recent deployment of pioneering projects in 5G or 3D SLAM industrial solutions. All this has led to the fact that by 2022 Robotnik, a 100% Valencian company, will have sold more than 5,000 robots worldwide, will be present in more than 50 countries and will have participated in more than 60 European R&D projects. The company expects to achieve a turnover of more than 9 million euros this year.


Since 1992, Bierwinkel has been the European beer import and distribution company par excellence in Spain, selecting the most emblematic beers of all types, fermentations, colours, alcoholic strengths, formats and origins from each country, bringing them closer to our culture and making them known. Already in 2002, Bierwinkel created its own Finest Beers Selection, joining forces, knowledge and guarantees of expansion with the Belgian brewery John Martin, SA. In 2010, the German brewers Dinkelacker, Sanwald and the Belgian breweries Huyghe, Bosteels and Belgoo Beer joined forces, followed a few years later by the breweries Het Anker and Chimay in order to consolidate and expand this unique and select joint venture brewery for Spain. They are also working intensively on the introduction and marketing of craft beers from the Valencian Community. A good example has been the development and implementation of the Valencian Craft Beer® concept.

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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Photo caption: María Benítez, Marketing Director of Robotnik, Anabel Navas, Expansion Director of Bierwinkel, Rafael López, R&D Director and founding partner of Robotnik, Roberto Guzman, CEO and founding partner of Robotnik and Paco Valls, controller of Bierwinkel.


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