Talented artists in ‘Pop art’ and emerging, local and international artists too! This is the DNA of the ‘Galerie Alaux’ which  has opened in the heart of Valencia, on Calle Poeta Querol,  this September! Art lovers and enthusiasts will find what they are looking for: between a commercial space and a museum of modern art, the Alaux Gallery embraces the provocative tone of Pop Art and what was called, a long time ago, the counterculture…

There is talent everywhere (here) and it is expressed with happiness, passion and sometimes even derision… via painting, photography and sculpture, forms, different materials and techniques. The art exhibited here all has the capacity to impact our eyes and touch our souls.  The works are not necessarily expensive because the aim is also to democratize art, with prices accessible to most.

Who is Stephane Alaux?

A digital expert, with his company ‘Netwash’ specialising in the cleaning of e-reputation on the web, Stephane Alaux is also an artist and he has his studio in the basement of the gallery… you will love it!. He has also been a collector for many years: in addition to that, he enjoys sharing his passion for art. Stephane also loves Spain, especially Valencia, where he has family roots via his mother. Last year, he left France and he moved with his wife and children (two adorable little ones) to settle in Valencia.

What can we see at the ‘Galerie Alaux’?

Entering the Alaux Gallery means opening up to the creations of emerging and local artists, such as the sculptors Laura Moret and Silvana Jorda, but also rediscovering established artists such as Philippe Pasqua, Annalù, Agusil and Mario Henrique. Other artists such as Cécile Plaisance, Marie-Ange Daudet, Robert Combas and Peppone present beautiful, powerful and challenging pieces. In total, about fifty artworks are presented, each one deserves attention. Oversall, it’s 200 m2 of art for the pleasure of your eyes. It is worth the trip!

The Gallery has already welcomed its first visitors since mid-September and each new exhibition will be the subject of an official opening. Of course, the art and information are also available on the gallery’s website.


Calle Poeta Querol, 7




 Report  by L a u r e n c e    L e m o i n e

Article copyright Laurence Lemoine / ‘24/7 Valencia’

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