Rapper Tesa debut album ‘Al-Tesa’ defends the Valencian language & culture and criticizes gender inequality…

This is the first solo album of MC Tesa of the Valencian group ‘El Delito’. TESA brings us a fresh rap album, rather different and totally influenced by Valencian culture. It shows us a different kind of music … a rural rap, Mediterranean, committed to equality in society and with a very positive vibe.

Al-Tesa (Highness in Castilian) is a play on words with her name (Tesa). Thus she aims to be at the top of the hierarchy, which is typical of rap culture. Also it emphasizes the Arabic origin of her Valencian roots. In fact, her home town (Almussafes) like so many others in the area, starts with the prefix “Al-“. In the 12 cuts of the disc, we find a great variety of subjects and styles. Despite a dominance of rap, TESA ventures into other styles with electronic instruments and even a rumba. Also included in the disc are two poems, collaborations with Charly Efe and Sara Santes.

TESA presents us with an attractive rap style, unbridled and very popular. Despite this, social criticism still remains a key part of her message. She actively defends her language (Valencian) and highlights gender inequalities. The album aims to empower women. This is reflected in collaboration with Pupil-les i Krazy on the song ‘L’escenari és nostre’. It’s about encouraging more women to take to the stage and for there to be more ‘donas’ to sing and play music live… and also to be recording in the studio.

The second single of the album is “Rebesnéts del Tio Canya” honouring the well-known Al-Tall song. It is the subject that has had the most relevance in social networks. This presents an active defense of the Valencian language in a very personal style. It speaks from personal experience and is intimate, referring to family, friends and her experiences and expectations that are both linguistic and political regarding the Valencia region.

The debut album was recorded and mastered by Loren D. He is a prestigious DJ and producer within the rap scene. He works with Charly Efe and has collaborated with rappers such as Los Chicos del Maíz.

Many local artists collaborate on this album. In the song “ME pica tot” there are Valencian musicians like El Cifu, Xi del Parke, Mise and Agustín Torres. Also participating are several rappers from the local scene like J.Winston (Frida i Arrap), Jacal (companion of The Delito), Andrea (Armarito’s Home), Jazzwoman (Machete in mouth) and Eryfukksia. Production credits include Loren D, DeJota Rubio, Bro-K, Roge and Làuder. Some of these artists have become part of the TESA live show, as is the case with Jazzwoman, Eryfukksia, DeJota Rubio and Agustín Torres. Since the release of the debut album, they have played in many parts of the Valencian Region, including a successful set at the famous festival “Festivern”.

TESA is very happy with the reaction to the debut album ‘Al-Tesa’ and her latest album ‘Rural’: “They call us from different associations and municipalities to play and some promoters actively collaborate with us, looking for concerts. The public is usually very happy with the show, which gives us the strength to continue this project and keep improving. ”

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team


More info:

TESA Discography: Milers d’històries compartides (2014) with “Tesa i Vent de Ponent”. Nominated for the COM Awards of music in Valencia.

Mode Fucker (2015) with The Crime

Al-Tesa (2017)

Rural (2019)




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