The ‘24/7 Valencia’ team were fortunate enough to catch a rousing live set by indie  superstar Josh Rouse at the intimate ‘Centro Excursionista’ of Valencia…

Josh along with the local 4-piece band was musically tight and impressive, especially when they stretched out the groove to the firm approval of the indie crowd of familiar faces who had gathered for this rarest of occasions over 2 nights.

Rouse played us some less familiar numbers from his new album ‘Love in the Modern Age’ but also treated the Valencian public to established classics like the joyous ‘Winter in the Hamptons’ and the reflective  ‘Quiet Town’ and uplifting ‘Love Vibration’ and ever catchy ‘Hollywood Bass Player.’

 Between songs, he regaled us with self-effacing tales about his nerves regarding Prince unexpectedly being present at a show of his in Minneapolis as well as Rouse not being used to speaking Spanish anymore…

Though now based in the USA, Josh was in Valencia (at the time of the interview) with his Spanish partner Paz Suay & family… to chill out in the local region and take a break from all that transatlantic touring.


 24/7 Valencia: Can you tell us what made you move back to the U.S.A. after having lived in Valencia for so many years ?

Josh Rouse: Nashville is the music capital of the world in my eyes. Although I was born in Nebraska, I consider it my home in the US as I lived there for a long time. They have melody in the tap water!

How do you find life out there compared to living in Spain?

Well, there’s more space for sure, it’s more expensive, more green, more lively I would say. It’s really hard to compare.  The locals are quite different.

 What is the concept of your new album ‘Love in the Modern Age’ and what made you swap guitars for synthesizers?

The idea was to try a different backdrop for my songs. A lot of my records are a live band recording in a room. This is a laptop record, more or less.

Do you have any musical influences for this particular album?

Prefab Sprout, The Blue Nile, Roxy Music and Leonard Cohen(80s era).


Interview by Owl

Copyright 24/7 Valencia


“This one’s for the lovers
Who stick with it
And the method actors
Who burn those grips
This one’s for the rainbows
How promises
This one’s for the others
With bandages

In the modern age
In the modern age
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh ooh

Too many options
There’s another stranger
In your bed
This one’s for the lover
And this one’s for the girl
Riding on the subway
Alone to work

Tell me is it all still the same?
Out here, like a fool
Tell me that it’s all just in vain
I, I know I’ve changed
In the modern age

This one’s for the lovers
(This one’s for the lovers)
And this one’s for the lovers
In the modern age
In the modern age…”

Josh Rouse

Love in the Modern Age        Click on link for ‘Love in the Modern Age’ video: https://youtu.be/P9GiPnqJ4k0

Click on this link for a video of Josh Rouse live in Valencia, which include songs from his new album: https://youtu.be/Ej3u4_ESsE4


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