New for the Amstel range: changes in labelling and increased sustainability in packaging.

In the wake of the transformation already presented by Amstel Original, Amstel Radler, Amstel Radler 0.0, Amstel 0.0 and Amstel Clásica, with its new toasted variety, are renewing their image. The aim is to go to the essentials, responding to positive visual characteristics for today’s consumer, such as simplicity and functionality, establishing a two-colour game that easily distinguishes the range.

The packaging of the range is also evolving, furthering the line of something that is part of the essence of the brand: minimizing its environmental impact. It incorporates 50% recycled shrink plastic, in addition to working with cardboard from 100% sustainable sources.

Proximity and respect for the environment are two essential points for Amstel and a characteristic way of connecting with Spanish society, which increasingly values communication and sustainability. Now, both aspects are reinforced in the new image of this range of beers, which is renewed on the outside because inside it is untouchable, maintaining the characteristic flavours of some recipes that are also its essence and that have made it worthy of numerous awards in national and international competitions.

The new labelling will be present in the food and hospitality channel for all formats (cans, fifth, third and liter bottles, as well as product packs) of the varieties Amstel Radler; Amstel 0.0; Amstel Clásica and the new incorporation, Amstel Clásica Tostada. And the premium varieties, such as Amstel Oro and its 0.0 version, or Amstel Radler Tostada, also with its 0.0 version, retain their current iconic image.

The change in labelling is inspired by the transformation presented by Amstel Original in October, with a design that has received a great reception according to the tests carried out, where regular consumers say they prefer it to the previous one and it receives a high score even by non-consumers, who admit a significant increase in the intention to buy. According to the consultations carried out, this new image achieves several objectives: it maintains product visibility and recognition, while conveying aspects such as modernity, differentiation and quality.


In this new stage, Amstel is going to the essence and adapting to current design trends, simplifying and making its labelling more iconic in order to unify the image of the range and facilitate its identification.

On the one hand, it incorporates the brand’s new logo, simpler and with its characteristic spherical shape. On the other hand, it plays with a two-colour design where the contrast of white with the distinctive colours of each variety prevails: yellow for Radler, green for Classic, blue for 0.0 and red for Amstel Original. This makes it possible to recognize and differentiate them at a glance.
In addition, key elements such as ingredients, respect for the environment, variety and gradation are highlighted on the packaging, together with the phrase ‘the taste of doing it right’, an expression of Amstel’s commitment to responsible and informed consumption.

Another of the keys to these changes in packaging and labelling is that it connects directly with one of the elements that define the essence of the brand, an environmental awareness that Amstel shares with the contemporary consumer.

As an integral part of the HEINEKEN Spain brewing family, Amstel works to ‘make beers that people and the planet like’, which led it to get several months ahead of compliance with the ‘Waste Law’, which seeks to promote the circular economy, improve waste management and fight against pollution.

The brewery has been working along these same lines for years through its global strategy:‘Toasting to a better world’, which has led it to take the lead in Spain, promoting the recycling and reuse of materials in its facilities.

The Amstel range already incorporates the use of 50% recycled shrink-wrap plastic in its packaging. Moreover, the cardboard in all its packs comes from 100% sustainable sources. That is, it comes from responsibly managed forests, controlling deforestation.

But Amstel goes further, working on the sustainability of its containers and packaging in a holistic manner. For example, it has applied a reduction of materials in Amstel cans and bottles, making them lighter. This facilitates their recycling and streamlines transportation, helping to reduce emissions.


Amstel is a beer brewed with 100% barley malt and more than 100 years of brewing tradition. Its link with Valencia dates back to the 50s, to the emblematic brewery in the neighbourhood of El Cabanyal. In the 1970s it moved to Quart de Poblet, where it has facilities that produce the equivalent of 1,200 million beers a year. This makes it the only large brewery that produces its products in the Valencian Community, with a social and economic contribution that is reflected, for example, in the creation and maintenance of 350 direct jobs and 12,000 indirect jobs.
Amstel’s link with Valencia also lies in the fact that the recipe for Amstel Original is the work of the Valencian master brewer Rafael Sánchez. Using a process known as “late hopping”, he incorporates Perlé hops at the end of the brewing process to intensify both the aroma and the flavour and colour of the beer. The result is a quality that has brought it recognition in competitions such as the World Beer Awards, in the latest edition of which it received the gold medal for Best Beer in Spain in the Lager category.

In 2020, taking advantage of the national renewal of the image of Amstel Original (the interior remains intact because the quality is not touched), the close relationship of this beer with Valencia has been reflected by creating a ‘new Valencian image’, exclusive for the thirds that are distributed in the province. Its design highlights Amstel’s Valencian origin and character.
Along with Amstel Original, 100% barley malt, the Amstel family includes Amstel Radler, with natural lemon juice. Also Amstel Oro, a three-stage roasted malt beer. It is another recipe from Valencian brewmaster Rafael Sánchez and has been recognized as Best Beer in Spain, this time in the Lager Pilsener category at the World Beer Awards 2020.

The family is completed with Amstel Clásica, Amstel 0.0, Amstel Radler 0.0, Amstel Radler Tostada 0.0 and Amstel Oro 0.0, offering a wide range marked by quality and innovation.
More information: FB: /Amstel Spain | TW: @Amstel_ES | IG: @ Amstel_ES


At HEINEKEN Spain we are a large plural family of passionate brewers, motivated to make people enjoy and care for the planet, convinced that by adding global strength and local diversity we will achieve a better world.

Our brewmasters, always passionate about quality, brew beers with body and soul every day. Our international character allows us to put all the global knowledge at the service of our brands in Spain: our homeland is flavour. We know that the best beers come from diversity, because no two tastes are the same, and our unique portfolio is an example of this. With more than 45 varieties, we offer great brands that are loved and recognized by all, such as Heineken®, the beer with which our history began and which today is the most international in the world, Cruzcampo, with more than 115 years of brewing expertise and innovation, and Amstel, a 100% malt beer that is the result of the taste of doing it right, closely linked to our country. Our family also includes Desperados, El Águila, the Ladrón de Manzanas cider, local brands such as 18/70 or El Alcázar, or specialties such as Guinness®, Paulaner, among others. We have been brewing beers in Spain for more than a century, where we currently have four breweries in Seville, Madrid, Valencia and Jaén, which produce more than 10 million hectoliters a year, or 11 million beers a day.

We are the greenest brewery and every day we work to produce beers that the world will like, which is why we have a strong commitment to our social and environmental surroundings. Water is 95% of beer and 100% of life, so taking care of it is our priority. We brew beers with renewable energies, thanks to the power of the sun: our goal is to achieve a 10 taste, with 0 emissions. We are more than beer: we promote people and encourage the best talent through our Cruzcampo Foundation and its School of Hospitality as social agents.

HEINEKEN is head and heart. More than 1,500 employees, proud to belong to a beer family, plural and diverse. We are passionate about making people enjoy themselves and we have only one priority: to take care of our people. International and local diversity is our secret ingredient. We are part of HEINEKEN NV, the most international brewery with more than 150 years of history, 85,000 employees in more than 70 countries and a portfolio of 300 brands worldwide. At HEINEKEN we encourage responsible consumption of our brands.

If you need more information about our HEINEKEN Spain family, please visit the website and its Press section with all the latest news.

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