Voyaging through space: this Sunday, Astral Voyage, The Big Electric Orchestra, will be collaborating with Sedajazz School, to bring people together for an out of this world performance!

Astral Voyage embodies an international collective of creatives, technicians, and educators from over 25 different countries around the globe. From creating uplifting music to conducting educational workshops, their mission lies in establishing a global community built around self-empowerment by sending healing energy through music worldwide.

The Big Electric Orchestra is a 25 piece ensemble which performs high energy electro-funk and soul with a full big band horn section, pounding drums, vibrant electronics and features many different vocalists from all around the world. The orchestra has performed at the Palo Market Festival and at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Valencia, Spain.

The band consists of many diverse artists including Valencia’s very own Zaira Zen, Peruvian saxophonist and  vocal artist Corah, and American Funk & Soul singer Adrian Black. The ensemble will also be conducted by Jason Faust, composer of the music and founder of Astral Voyage.

Brian Zani and Jason Faust work together harmoniously to ensure that all behind the scenes work is executed well and to the highest standard, acting as the anchor of the group. Brian handles the intricacies of technical logistics, while Jason orchestrates the creative components of the show. One can acknowledge the admirable amount of effort invested behind the scenes into ensuring the success and smooth running of the show.

Jason Faust, composer, gives further detail regarding this Sunday’s enthralling performance: “Astral Voyage started in Valencia back when I was here in school at Berklee. It was just a bunch of students from around the world that came together to create uplifting music that developed from that student group into a professional electric orchestra organisation. Over the years, we’ve continued to develop that, but since Covid happened we hadn’t done a show in 4 years up until this coming Sunday. So this Sunday (July 2nd) is like a resurgence of this community coming back together for a full live experience.

 It’s a collaboration between the students of the school – Sedajazz, with Astral Voyage – professional musicians. So the students are being given a chance to collaborate with these professional experienced players. The students are also extremely talented; some of them are really young too, so it’s a pretty cool collaboration. All the music is music I have composed along with some co-lyricists from the United States. It will feature a lot of horns, drums, guitars, three keyboard players, singers, and a rapper. The songs are based on a voyage – a journey through what’s called the seven chakras.”

Don’t miss out an unforgettable evening of funk and soul music with Astral Voyage: The Big Electric Orchestra. The Astral Voyage live show is an audiovisual experience that takes one on a journey through the cosmic seven chakras of the human spirit. It represents a culmination of so many wonderful people coming together to celebrate art and life.

The powerful musical performance invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey, wherein Astral Voyage commands the spaceship. Yet amidst their command, the audience too experiences every exhilarating twist and turn that unravels throughout this magical musical adventure.

 Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’


Astral Voyage, The Big Electric Orchestra

Date: 2nd of July at 8pm

Tickets: €10 Astral Voyage. the big electric orchestra & Sedajazz – Actuaciones musicales. Agenda. Sedajazz. Tel.963765655.


Alquería Coca, 1,

Ctra. D’Alba,

Valencia, 46017

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