Forty privileged women had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing experience at Dr. Gabriel Serrano’s skin care clinic in Grabador Esteve, Valencia. The event involved enjoying a glass of the new Chandon Garden Spritz by Moët Chandon, not in just any setting, but in an indoor garden and a hammam located in the heart of Valencia.

Hosted by the finest experts in dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine, including Teresa Llorens, Nidita Guerrero, Blanca Bueno, Bárbara de Prat, María de Rojas, María Gonzálvez, María José Navarro, Amparo de Prat, María de Rojas, and María Gonzálvez, these fortunate women raised their glasses adorned with hints of rosemary and orange. Among the guests were Maria José Navarro, Amparo Lacomba, Mayrén Beneyto, Elena Safranez, Eva Perea, Janine Vázquez, Laura and Gadea Fitera, Lila Albanozzo, Sofía Carpi, Bea Pechuán, Maria José García Matarredona, Cayetana de Diego, María Pérez, and María Roca.

They gathered to celebrate the idea that self-care goes hand in hand with pampering, recognizing that the skin, being the largest organ, is more than just a matter of aesthetics. One revelation they discovered was the surprising fact that retinol, if it is Sesderma’s liposome, can be used even during the summer months. They also discovered the existence of specific peelings specifically designed for this season.

News circulated about the arrival of Dr. Jesus Sierra, the aesthetic doctor known for his work with celebrities like Bibiana Fernandez, Marta Sanchez, Rosario Flores, Vicky Martin Berrocal, Pastora Vega, and Monica Cruz. Valencia would now have the privilege of hosting him once a month, starting with his next appointment on July 6. Although his schedule still had available gaps for the moment, it was evident that once word got out, securing an appointment with the pioneer of Botox in Spain and mentor to numerous esteemed aesthetic doctors would become increasingly challenging.

Dr. Sierra discussed how he uses hyaluronic acid in its multiple phases, tensor threads and neuromodulation. Knowing how to combine these three techniques, the skin stops folding excessively, and does not create a wrinkle, but it moves naturally and elevates the sagging face. The people of Valencia have been given a unique opportunity to be in the best hands in Spain when it comes to aesthetic treatments, with all the guarantees.

Report by Emily Bray

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Clínica Médica y Dermatologica Dr. Gabriel Serrano

Skin care clinic in Valencia

Address: Carrer del Gravador Esteve, 6,



Phone: 963 52 14 41

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