In our increasingly busy world, meditation is becoming a more and more common practice in the western world, having originated in the ancient Vedic times of India as an aspect of their natural healthcare system. More recently, sound bath meditations have become of particular interest to many. Sound bath meditations utilise various sound frequencies to induce a state of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner peace, creating a deeply immersive and therapeutic meditative environment. Here in Valencia, seasoned sound healer, reiki master, holistic health coach, doula and more, Lizzy Liao, regularly hosts sound bath meditations at Blue Morpho Yoga, Ruzafa, often coinciding with the Full Moon.

The Full Moon symbolises the ending of cycles and letting go, making it a popular time of the month for those to meditate and focus on their intentions. The full moon is often associated with heightened energy levels, as it represents the peak of the lunar cycle. Some people believe that meditating during this time allows them to tap into and harness this increased energy for their spiritual and personal growth. This can also allow for emotional healing through the encouragement of releasing negative emotions and what no longer serves us.

Focusing meditation practices around the cycle of the moon also promotes our true connection with nature. During Lizzy’s sound baths, your interconnectedness with ‘Mother Nature’ is further deepened by the use of cacao. Known to many as Mama Cacao, the sacred food helps to directly connect us with our hearts and higher selves, a powerful source of antioxidants, containing theobromine and the endocannabinoid Anandamide, which can evoke our heart to remember feelings of wholeness and bliss.

Ceremonial grade cacao from Keith’s Cacao is used in Lizzy’s sessions, alongside special, rare Crystal Alchemy Bowls, made of quartz crystal and infused with precious metals or gemstones to add dimension to the sounds and intentions of the sound bath. The healing vibrations of these singing bowls, paired with guided mediation and the powers of cacao envelopes participants in a sensory experience, working to release tension, clear energetic blockages, and facilitate a state of deep relaxation. Additionally, the vibrations produced by the instruments can have a therapeutic effect on the physical body, promoting circulation, reducing muscle tension, and balancing the nervous system.

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Report by Abi Kara-Fernandes

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