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Dr Silvina Ciberti: In case anyone has not had the opportunity to read it, we recommend that readers check the previous interview because the subject of care and aesthetic medicine is approached in a most readable & understandable way. You can find it at the following link here:

I’m glad you found the last talk interesting! Well, I’ll introduce myself: I am Silvina Ciberti, an Aesthetic Physician, trained and practicing in Valencia, Spain. I help  people, who want to maintain, improve and take care of their appearance. I use honest and integral medical-aesthetic treatments that allow them to enhance their beauty in a natural way, feeling better about themselves.

Please tell us something about ‘Plasma’ treatments. The truth is that we would like you to explain more about it…
Biorevitalization with growth factors (also known as PRP), perhaps that is the best way to refer to this treatment. It is a treatment that stimulates tissue regeneration by taking advantage of the repairing agents present in our bloodstream, thus achieving greater luminosity, improved colouring and increased smoothness of the skin.

It has so many names, that sometimes one does not understand or gets lost, how is that done? What exactly is it all about?
The plasma is extracted from the patient itself, which guarantees its biocompatibility. Starting with small volumes of blood (20 to 30 cm3), it is centrifuged to isolate the plasma (separating the blood into its different components: red and white cells and plasma). It is in the plasma that the platelets are found, which are the ones that contain the growth factors inside (which are the ones we are interested in). Then a “platelet-activator” is added, so that they start to release growth factors, and then it is applied to the patient’s skin.

How many sessions are needed?
Two to three sessions are needed, spaced out by one month. Once the desired results have been achieved, it is recommended that a maintenance session be carried out every 6-12 months.

Is it a treatment for the face then? Can it be applied in other places as well?
It is a very noble and enriching treatment and like few others. It is, of course, applied to other areas. On the scalp, it is excellent for promoting the growth and maintenance of hair follicles. It is an essential treatment to slow down the loss of hair follicles both for those who are losing their hair and for those who have already received a hair transplant and wish to maintain and care for it. Other areas of application: neck, hands, etc. This treatment of growth factors with stem cells is also being applied in traumatology, to regenerate cartilage and meniscus, among other tissues. It continues to be researched and is increasingly being found to have greater benefits and applications.

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618 617 354
C/Colon 22-1 (Valencia)
Ntra. Sra. Montiel, 5 pta 2 (Lliria)

@drasilvinaciberti, on Instagram

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