24/7 VALENCIA: A warm welcome to Dr. Silvina Ciberti. Could you please introduce yourself and your work to 24/7 Valencia readers?

SILVINA CIBERTI: Thanks for the invitation, it’s a real pleasure. I’m Silvina Ciberti, an aesthetic doctor, trained and practicing in Valencia, Spain. I help active & working people who wish to maintain, improve and take care of their appearance, with honest and integral medical aesthetic treatments that will allow them to enhance their beauty in a natural way, feeling better about themselves. And we do all this in an integral way, from different aspects using medical techniques and appliances, as well as nutrition. All with the spirit that characterizes us:“Care, Maintain, Recover.”

What techniques do you use?
Surely you have heard a lot about all this: botox, hyaluronic acid, “magic” threads, peelings, mesotherapy, carboxitherapy and so on. There are also various treatments with appliances that complement and enhance the treatments such as radiofrequency, cavitation, LPG, electrostimulation, pressotherapy, among others.

Who are your typical clients? How can you help customers if they have never had anything done before?
There are people who already know about these techniques, and have used them. These people may consult us for specific treatments that are done periodically. New clients will tell you what they want to improve and come to you for your medical opinion on how you would approach the subject. Sometimes with a single treatment you manage to get what you want, sometimes you need combined techniques. Sometimes, you think that what you want to improve is with a specific treatment and then the doctor in her assessment proposes other techniques. You don’t have to know, that’s what the doctor is there for. For others, they are also interested in prevention or improvement. This group of people is very interesting, because the results you can achieve in the long-term are really fantastic, even with a specific support diet plan.

What if I’m one of those people who has never done anything? Where do I start?
I like to compare my skin to a sunny spot, to nature. If you are given a sandlot, the first thing you should do is clean it, remove the “weeds”…. and for that matter of cell renewal we have chemical peels. Then, we would have to nourish the soil with fertilizers, this would be equivalent to mesotherapy (with its vitamins, its trace elements, its protein glycans, among others). And then we would water it, hydrate it… and there we would already be talking about hyaluronic acids. This is a good way to start and maintain, which would lead to a healthy, bright, “juicy” skin.

It’s such a broad topic and there is so much on offer that … are you available for another meeting?
Yes, absolutely. I love my profession, you may have noticed that! We could talk about the treatments that are recommended in these cold seasons, or the ones to be beautiful…. now that it seems that  we are having more meetings via screens, it’s more about image than before. I think it would also be a good idea for readers to propose their concerns or if they have any particular issue they would like us to talk about … they can do so through our channels of communication via ’24/7 Valencia’ and mine, which I put at your disposal.

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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Dr Silvina Ciberti Clinic
C/Colon 22-1 (Valencia)
Ntra. Sra. Montiel, 5 pta 2 (Lliria)

Whatsapp: +34 618617354

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