‘Crazy’ passed away this month. He was a well-known figure on the Valencia alternative scene. A DJ, a poet, a philosopher, a free thinker and sometimes of no fixed abode.We remember back to interesting conversations with ‘Crazy’…late at night in the historic centre after a concert, at the ‘Feria Alternativa de Valencia’ in the Turia Gardens and at the Cabanyal jazz festival too. One night he told us:  “For good and for bad, Valencia is the very essence of the Mediterranean and that is why I have chosen to stay here, having travelled all over Spain and explored every corner of this country.”

Rest in peace, CRAZY.

’24/7 Valencia’ team


IN MEMÓRIAM   ‘CRAZY ‘ ( Read at Crazy’s burial on December 16th 2022 )

“You were a wonderful madman, a magician, a heavenly being, a tramp of the stars. Your aim was to be free, your compass was freedom, and you walked a good stretch on the wild side of life and conquered it in a hundred battles. You never lowered your head, your homeland was dignity.

You were a Don Quixote, your squire was called Peter (your faithful dog) a knight errant who had dropped out, you had memorable nights in ‘El Carmen’, you experienced adventures in ‘El Cabanyal’ and ‘Benimaclet’ was never alien to you.

When Peter died you told me, without crying, that you would have preferred to leave earlier…to save yourself the pain of his absence, but life gave us your presence for one more season.

You wore hats like no one else, the scarves you held around your neck were your only flags, there was no one in Valencia who walked so elegantly… leaning on a cane.

You revealed music that we never dreamed of listening to, we were glad to hear it, you were a wonderful DJ and you selected cuts from records, for the public, like nobody else.

You were a street poet, the most authentic one around! You walked it like you talked it, you sometimes slept on the street, you knew what you were talking about and you lived what you wrote about.

We will remember your enlightened face and that scented ‘smoke’ that we shared so many times. We will remember your gestures, your white hair, your distinctive beard and we will not forget your wise words…

Now it’s your turn to fly

 Wonderful ‘Crazy’

Because you only die

When you are forgetten.

Instead, you will live on in our memory.”


Report by 24/7 Valencia team

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

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