In the heart of Extramurs, located next to the bustling Rojas Clemente Market of Valencia, resides a much loved, 63 year old retired postman, Venanci Ferrer. For 40 years, the many streets of Spain that he journeyed afoot served as his kingdom and his territory, as he diligently carried out his duties as a postman. Rain or shine, he faithfully delivered letters and packages, forging connections with the community he served, and becoming such an integral part of many Spaniards’ lives.

Venanci Ferrer’s entrance into the world of postmen was a fortuitous event. Taking over his family’s kiosk in Buñol after his father’s passing, he was offered a summer job as a postman, unknowingly stepping into a profession that would bring him immense joy. From that moment on, Venanci found true happiness in delivering messages, connecting people through the power of written words.

His first destination was the island Formentera, with 21 kilometres stretching from the lighthouse of La Mola to the port of La Savina. He arrived in 1981 and spent two winter months there, in which he was surprised to discover that curiously the streets had no names, that everyone had their own house and that was it.

In the spring months of March and April, Ferrer embarked on a new journey from Formentera to Menorca. Upon arriving in the capital Mahón, he immediately requested a transfer. While he fulfilled his professional duties during the day, Ferrer made the most of his afternoons, hopping on his Vespa and exploring the picturesque island. However, as soon as he got the chance, he crossed over to Barcelona.

Initially residing in the Horta district for a month, Ferrer’s workplace transferred him to district 1, the enchanting Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter). It is a place full of fond memories, he says, with the Correos headquarters situated in Plaza de Antonio López, adjacent to Via Laietana. Reflecting back on this year of 1982, Ferrer cherishes the memories of that beautiful neighbourhood, forever etched in his mind as a place that captivated his soul.

He then moved to work in Extramurs, Valencia from 1984 to 2019, where he met his now wife, Carmeta, and evidently never wished to return to his hometown of Buñol. Four years ago, he bid farewell to his beloved profession, retiring from his role as a postman, which has become a large part of his identity.

In his new chapter of his life, he embraced his passions of writing, photography and music, inspired by his son’s musical talents. Venanci Ferrer has published a book about his years as a postman, called ‘Memorias a la carta’.

Regarding music, Venanci plays tenor saxophone in a large, local ‘banda de Patraix’ (with 60 members) and a jazz combo too.  He has played with the ‘banda’ for the public in local festivals, the prestigious ‘Palau de la Musica’ of Valencia and Mestalla football stadium too!

 Concerning photography, Venanci Ferrer currently has an exhibition of emblematic photographic scenes of Valencia in the ‘Centro de Jubilados’near Torres de Quart until June 9th. See this link for more information:

Fading letters, everlasting bonds: A bittersweet tale

It is a privilege and an interesting insight into history to be able to experience the evolution of postal delivery over a four decade long career. When Ferrer first started, letters were the primary form of communication, and postcards would flood in during the summer months. Unfortunately, the advent of telephones led to a decline in mail volume, particularly during Christmas. Today, only a handful of romantics still send handwritten letters, a time which Ferrer still reminisces about to this day.

It is safe to say that in an ever-changing landscape of communication, Venanci Ferrer, the esteemed Postman of Extramurs, stood as a witness to the fading art of letter-writing. Throughout this career, he traversed neighbourhood upon neighbourhood, hand-delivering messages that connected and improved lives. Ferrer looks back on the many memories that he made with others, some who have sadly now passed away, in the inevitable yet melancholic cycle of life. Nevertheless, amidst the certain passage of time, Ferrer’s experiences highlight the enduring beauty of human connection.

From the warmth of handwritten tales written between lovers to the heartfelt tokens of gratitude received from local businesses and even Carmelite nuns, his encounters clearly testify to the innate yearning for genuine human interaction. Venanci Ferrer’s story therefore reminds us of the profound impact a simple exchange of communication can have on each other’s lives, and how our unexpected paths can lead us to our deepest passions and most beautiful of destinations; and all because he said yes one day to being a postman.

Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘Venanci Ferrer’ photo copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


 Venanci Ferrer’s new book ‘Memorias a la carta’ is available on Amazon:


“Reflejos y contrastes”

Photography exhibition by Venanci Ferrer

Until June 9th

‘CLUB DE JUBILADOS’ (near Torres de Quart)

C/ Doctor Monserrat, 17



Free entry

Open from Monday to Friday

Hours: 09.00h -12.45h/ 16h -19.45h

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