Amidst the shores of Sorolla, enchanting Latin gardens, picturesques villages, sun-kissed bicycles, and bustling Indian markets, the experiences of researcher and physicist Elvira García-Matres unfold – a journey that fuels her dreams. These vivid and captivating visions are now shared in the impressive exhibition titled “Vivencias en Color” (Experiences in Colour), captivating visitors at the Mercado de Colón Beer Hall by Bierwinkel. Here, Elvira García-Matres invites us to immerse ourselves in a world both realistic and dreamlike, a kaleidoscope of emotions and hues that ignites the senses and transports us to extraordinary realms of wonder.

Having lived in Germany, India, Brazil, and Spain, García-Matres subtly reveals her multicultural experiences through her artwork. Within the seven oil-on-canvas masterpieces showcased, a consistent thread emerges: a vibrant palette of rich, luminous hues. However, what truly sets this artist apart is her remarkable talent for encapsulating light and intricacies, effortlessly transporting viewers to specific locations while evoking a myriad of emotions and sensations. Each brushstroke serves as a portal, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the essence of spatiality and embark on a visual journey like no other.

The titles of Elvira García-Matres’s artworks hold descriptive power: “La bici del vecino” (The neighbour’s bike), “Saris Salados” (Spiced Saris), “Mercado de India” (Indian Market), “El color del Jardín” (The colour of the garden), “El Barco” (The Boat), “El Molino” (The Windmill), and “Buscando entre la luz y colores” (Searching among light and colours). These titles alone offer a strong indication as to which country they were inspired by. One need only to catch a glimpse of these works to determine their geographical origins, as they capture the essence of the places where García-Matres has resided – a revelation inferred from the contextual nature of her art.

About Bierwinkel

Since 1992, Bierwinkel has been the epitome of European beer import and distribution in Spain, selecting the most emblematic beers of all types, fermentations, colours, alcoholic strengths, formats and origins from across the globe. Bierwinkel has bridged the gap between these brews and our local culture, unveiling their distinct flavours to a wider audience, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of brewing. 

As early as 2002, Bierwinkel took a significant stride by establishing its own exclusive Finest Beers Selection. Collaborating with the esteemed Belgian brewery John Martin, SA, they amalgamated their expertise, knowledge, and growth prospects. Subsequently, in 2010, they collaborated with German brewers Dinkelacker, Sanwald, and Belgian breweries Huyghe, Bosteels, and Belgoo Beer. This alliance aimed to fortify and expand a distinctive Joint Venture brewery, catering exclusively to the Spanish market. Building upon this success, the consortium welcomed Het Anker and Chimay breweries in subsequent years, further solidifying their position. Additionally, Bierwinkel has dedicated considerable efforts towards the introduction and promotion of craft beers from the Valencian Community. An exemplary achievement in this endeavour is the conceptualisation and implementation of the Valencian Craft Beer® concept, emphasising their commitment to nurturing local craft beer culture. 


Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia


“Vivencias en Color” (Experiences in Colour) exhibition

Until June 20th


Las Cervezas del Mercado – Colón

Mercado de Colón

Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19

46004, Valencia

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