Astral Voyage returns to Matisse Club on April 27 for their next Space Party!

‘Astral Voyage’ returns to ‘Matisse Club’ on April 27 for their next Space Party! This powerful big band and their musical guests come together as 25 creatives to throw a cosmic party of funk, soul and disco. They take off at 11pm and continue the adventure well into the night. Get ready to dance and secure your ticket aboard their spaceship for a crazy ride you won’t want to miss!

Jason Faust, composer, gives further details: “Astral Voyage started in Valencia back when I was here in school at Berklee. It was just a bunch of students from around the world that came together to create uplifting music that developed from that student group into a professional electric orchestra organisation.   It’s a collaboration between the students of the school – Sedajazz, with Astral Voyage – professional musicians. So the students are being given a chance to collaborate with these professional experienced players. The students are also extremely talented; some of them are really young too, so it’s a pretty cool collaboration. All the music is music I have composed along with some co-lyricists from the United States. It will feature a lot of horns, drums, guitars, three keyboard players, singers, and a rapper. The songs are based on a voyage – a journey through what’s called the seven chakras.”

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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Buy your tickets here:



27  April


23.00h (Concert)


C/ de Campoamor, 60,




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