Despite the beauty of walking around Spain’s third-largest city, sometimes you want other transport than just your feet. Valencia boasts many efficient methods of transport, with buses and metros running frequently. Cycle lanes are ubiquitous and clearly marked, and Valencia also has another more unique rental service – the mint green YEGO electric scooter. Read on for some of the best apps to get around in Valencia.


Metro Valencia Offline

Although this version of the app includes automatic 5-10 second ads every so often, it’s a small price to pay for an app the shows accurate metro journeys offline. With a journey planner, tariff estimate, and map feature, you’ll be able to use your metro card with ease.

Ask at a metro station for a Mobilis card, and you’ll be able to top up the same card with bus journeys if you go to a tobacco shop. The Mobilis card can also be used to register for Valenbisi, handy if you want to be able to use three types of transport. Add your card to the app to see how many journeys you have left.



There are bus stops everywhere in Valencia, and buses come regularly. The EMTicket app by EMT Valencia will allow you to buy single tickets or packs of five or ten tickets, without needing a physical card. Cash is not always accepted on Valencia buses, so the EMTicket app or Mobilis card are your options.

Tickets bought on the EMTicket app are valid for one hour after activation and allow limitless transfers between bus lines. You can store tickets for up to 60 days without activating them.



With docking stations for the easily rentable bikes all around the city, you’re never too far away from a Valenbisi bike. The bikes are well-maintained, with adjustable seats, automatic headlights and rear light, a basket (with a sturdy cord to keep your belongings inside it), and a loud bell.

Signing up isn’t complicated, and you can use your Mobilis card for Valenbisi if you type in the card number when you register online. Tap your card on the machine and ride off into the sunset using Valencia’s thorough cycle lanes.

The yearly membership of €29.21 allows you to make unlimited trips, and there are other subscription plans such as their weekly subscription for €13.30. The first half hour of every ride is free, and a local’s hack is to simply dock your bicycle after thirty minutes and take out a fresh one.

There are plenty of Valenbisi docks throughout the city, so you’ll never be stranded without means of transport – even if you’re out late and the Metro has stopped running. The Valenbisi app also shows a map of all the available bikes in the city.





With over  500 Vespa-style scooters available to drive and park within the city, this is a transport that can be speedy and comfortable, and certainly more romantic for a date. Insurance, helmets and charged scooter battery is included in the price. Your phone is the key, so no need to worry about bringing extra cards or keys with you. Standard prices are 0.28€ per minute, and there are also prepaid packages. The first 15 minutes of your ride is free.




An app which started when the founder couldn’t get a train home for Christmas… and started calling around to see if he could share a ride. Thus, the idea for BlaBlaCar was born, an app and website where you can pay to have a seat in someone’s car for a journey they are making.

With many cars making a journey with only the driver inside, BlaBlaCar is a way that drivers can get some extra cash from selling the seats in their vehicle. For passengers, it can often make it easier to travel to places with less established public transport, and the trips are often cheaper and faster than trains or buses.

BlaBlaCar is a great way to meet locals and save money if you’re planning on doing frequent trips. Drivers have a star rating system, and you can choose which driver you prefer to ride with. As you’ll usually be sharing a car with a local driver for over an hour, it’s a great chance to practice speaking Spanish.

You can select whether you have baggage to bring with you and select a suitable driver. However, remember that this is not a taxi company. You will have to agree with the driver where they will drop you off, and if you bring a lot of luggage, you might have to walk with it to get to your final destination.



Valencia’s answer to Uber, Cabify is a quick and easy way to hire a taxi in Valencia. Although more expensive than other transport methods, Cabify is a convenient way to get around in a pinch.

Cabify has a rating system, and an internal messaging system, so you can message your driver any details and make sure you find them. Cabify also has other services on the app, where you can rent a bike, order from the supermarket Lola Market, and arrange for goods to be delivered. You can also reserve a taxi in advance.


Report by Julia McGee-Russell

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

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