Beti Llixiona’s new exhibition “I Go Along the Branches”, opens at Valencia’s ‘Casino Agricultura’

Beti Llixiona puts on a display of tangled human emotion, boundless futures and natural harmony contained within oil and canvas. Beti Llixiona’s new exhibition “I go along the branches”, opened this Wednesday in the heart of Valencia’s historic centre. The Rock Casino in the Royal Valencian society of Agriculture and Sports played host to the painter’s display, opening its doors once again in its mission to support local artists.

Beti Llixiona, a qualified lawyer with a degree in Fine Art portrayed in her exhibition a tangled web of human emotion that stem from her own internal dialogue. This can be seen in the chaotic natural and botanic elements of her paintings. The mesh of fauna, lacking roots highlighting the lack of grounding that can lead to a chaotic mind, and the sea of shifting clouds that give the abstract impression of a painting without beginning or end, speaking of the endless and echoing thoughts that plague a troubled mind. As Llixiona explained “The branches are a representation of my own tangled thoughts. They are like labyrinths that inhabit my mind.”

The artist’s thoughts are transformed in her work into fractured lines and soft brush strokes that cross the canvas but never seem to reach the other side, reflecting the constant search for peace; the journey towards the light and getting lost in the boundless future. The exhibition’s title highlights the artist’s own journey along these branches, not only in thoughts and emotions, but in time. Each branch represents another possible future lying before her, possibilities and potentials without end, enticing and frightening, but impossible to explore them all. These futures are the brushstrokes superimposed upon each other, the piling up of clouds and of thoughts in both sky and mind, the coexistence of explored and unexplored possibilities in a limitless future

Despite the rootless branches that crisscross her paintings, Llixiona’s work also highlights the harmony of nature, branches and clouds existing in and around one another free from conflict. This harmony is what the artist sees as a solution to her own tangled thoughts, “I have discovered that the disperse, chaotic and troubled mind, come together in the name of peace when one bases oneself in the assimilation of harmony. It is the incoherence of life; natural balance stems from mental dispersal.”

This exhibition centres itself on the unknowable but harmonious logic of nature, the growth of vegetation, the constantly shifting skyscape, landscapes in vibrant colour with incredible depth, giving an impression of infinite horizons. These themes are portrayed in oil and acrylic, upon graphite and wood



With their return to Valencia and the opening of the Rock Casino, the brothers Andrés and Mario Hidalgo, have managed to bring together under one roof, traditional mediterranean home cooking, asian influences, cocktails and a premium service. With a much larger main space following its renovation, the Casino hosts guests in either the lounge or the welcoming dining room where, alongside newspaper and coffee, they will be served their aperitifs, typical Valencian rice dishes with American cocktails in a bar with a distinctly British ambience. This is a club to take family and friends to, to enjoy the traditional mediterranean diet, which breaks tradition occasionally with nods to asian and fusion cuisine. Squid and cauliflower rice, electric melon soup, pulled pork fideuá, burrito sabanero and salted artichokes in bechamel sauce are only a few examples of Casino Rock’s wide menu.



The Royal Valencian Society of Agriculture and Sports, better known as the Agricultural Casino is located in the heart of the city and is in partnership with 60 other clubs in Spain and 40 others abroad. Membership to the Agricultural Casino gives you access to over a hundred clubs both in Spain and internationally. The casino on Calle Comedias is a meeting point for individuals and businesses, with its meeting rooms, conferences and array of other services.


Report by Danny Weller

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia


EL EDIFICIO Calle Comedias 12, 46003 Valencia

TELÉFONO 963 517 142

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