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 Swiss sound designer and producer Feldermelder closes the line-up for the night of Friday 22 September at ‘La Mutant’. ‘ZEUS’ will be the venue for the 23rd of September with consolidated artists from the most innovative electronic and visual art scene and emerging talents. The final touch to the seventh edition will be celebrated in the ‘HOT’ room with a Closing Party. VOlumens prepares to celebrate creativity and innovation in its seventh edition and closes its line-up of artists. The festival is positioned as the cultural event in Valencia that fuses digital art, science, technology and music in a multidisciplinary environment with performances by renowned artists such as Paranoid London, PÉPE and the outstanding Feldermelder, along with the incorporation of emerging talents. The night of Saturday 23 September will be rounded off with a Closing Party in the HOT room.


Friday at La Mutant: Feldermelder as headliner

Friday 22 September at La Mutant will be a showcase of unique, avant-garde sounds. Along with the already confirmed Teslaradio with Liquid Sky Analogic and Dotzerosix, the stage of the cultural space is completed with the addition of Feldermelder. This Swiss musician, renowned sound designer and producer, brings with him an influence that ranges from pioneering electronic music to contemporary analogue electronica and classical jazz. Co-founder of -OUS and member of the audiovisual collective Encor.studio, Feldermelder has forged a career rich in collaborations, including joint albums with Sara Oswald and Julian Sartorius. His music, a reflection of this diversity of influences, captivates with a constantly evolving sound guided by an eclectic approach that will take festival audiences on a sonic journey not to be missed.


Saturday at ZEUS: a mosaic of sounds

On Saturday 23 September, ZEUS will host VOlumens and offer a wide range of sound experiences. From Cora Novoa to IUPACC, Nathan Fake, Nathalie Magdenel and BYETONE, the ZEUS line-up is packed with diverse talent and features artists such as PÉPE, a Valencian producer whose love of iridescent melodies, velvety pads and complex rhythms has led him to skilfully combine house, bass music and breakbeat in recent years.


Pépe’s music reaches around the world and has attracted the attention of artists such as Ben UFO, Peggy Gou, Shanti Celeste, Moxie, Mount Kimbie and Disclosure. His latest album, “Reclaim,” for Lapsus, reveals a sincere and emotive sound, enriched by a lush sonic forest and a masterful fusion of influences. Experimentation and sound design intertwine with a surprising maturity in this work, which embraces the braindance and hyperpop sphere, fusing electronic elements with lively structures, enriched by orchestral touches, folk textures and a marked vocal presence, both synthetic and authentic.


Also completing the line-up for Saturday at ZEUS are the selected artists from the open call of the seventh edition of VOlumens: TRS, Valencian DJ who draws inspiration from a wide range of genres such as broken beats, IDM, dub, electro, breaks and jungle, and is the promoter of the successful “2 girls 1 deck” party that presents local and national talent in Valencia’s clubs; Ferran Belmon, audiovisual artist and creative programmer who will present CíCLIC Live AV; laguerradelasgalaxias, who explores music from different approaches, evolving towards more experimental and minority genres and offering eclectic sets ranging from ambient and experimental drone to jazz and hip-hop; and Andrae Durden, producer and co-founder of the Valencian label Ecco records who focuses on dreamy sounds and broken beats focused on the club.


Closing Party at HOT

The Closing Party on Saturday 23 September at HOT will be the climax of the festival. Paranoid London (Live AV), masters of the vinyl revival, will lead the night with their unique approach fusing elements of Chicago House, Detroit Techno and New Wave that saw them quickly move from the underground club scene to headlining the stages of major festivals: Glastonbury, Dekmantel, Sonar, Movement… Spammerheads, the Valencian electronic music duo, will add their distinctive industrial and punk touch, while Alicia Suay (VJ) will weave a hypnotic visual backdrop that resonates with the beats of the music. They will also be joined by DJ Ladrillovitz, completing the night on the final day of the seventh edition of VOlumens.



Tickets for Saturday’s performances at ZEUS and the Closing Party at HOT are available on the festival’s official website: www.volumens.es

Tickets for Friday at La Mutant can be purchased at www.lamutant.com

VOlumens has the support of the Regidoria de Acción Cultural del Ayuntamiento de Valencia, as well as the collaboration of the UPV through the Audiovisual and Multimedia Master of Fine Arts, and the EASD Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño.


Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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