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The ecological supermarket Ecorgànic has, in recent years, become a reference for ‘biological cuisine’ in Valencia. On their shelves you will find a very wide range of products ranging from vegetables to spices, breads and dairy products.

This healthy approach to food and diet has been developing in Valencia in the last few years and the Ecorgànic Ecomarket emerged several years ago in response to these new habits and tastes.

A great variety of products

It is an ecological supermarket where you can find a great variety of natural products, including a large number of different yoghurts as well as vitamins, different types of rice, organic meats and chicken. There is also an abundant selection of spices from around the world, domestic cleaning products, physical therapy products, cosmetics and more. You can take care of all your daily shopping needs there.

All of their products are produced naturally, without the use of fertilizers, growth hormones or any other chemical products. Their suppliers share the same philosophy as Ecorgànic of using vegetable, renewable and mineral raw materials. Their ecological consciousness extends from the production to the packaging.

The goals of Ecorgànic are:

  • The full range of its products are ecological.
  • All the products are locally grown.
  • Bulk sales with the aim of reducing the use of bags, bottles and glass containers, as all of them can be re-used.
  • Provide personal advice from professional staff.

In a few words, Ecorgànic is a store for shopping with an ecological conscience, from the production to the packaging.

Their staff is always on hand to help newcomers to the shop and are happy to help with your queries for advice.

Ecorgànic will soon be opening another shop in the Plaza España zone! So you will soon have two to choose from!

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Ecorgànic are waiting for you with a smile!!!

Ecorgànic Ecomarket

Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 66 bajo (esquina Polo y Peyrolón)

Tel: 96 389 20 03

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