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The culinary landscape of Valencia has just been enriched with the arrival of ‘El Gordo de Cortes’, the latest venture from the esteemed ‘El Gordo y El Flaco’ restaurant group. Nestled in an emblematic part of the city, this gastronomic gem is situated on the ground floor of the iconic Ikon Tower, standing tall as the tallest residential building in Valencia along Avenida Cortes Valencianas.

Helmed by brothers and owners Salva and Pablo Martínez (‘GyF’), ‘El Gordo de Cortes’ represents the pinnacle of their gastronomic vision, focusing on the paramount importance of quality product. With meticulous attention to detail, the restaurant boasts a carefully curated dining experience set against an elegant and minimalist backdrop, courtesy of renowned architect Antonio Altarriba.

Drawing inspiration from local traditions while infusing a refined touch, El Gordo de Cortes offers a menu that celebrates market-fresh ingredients and timeless recipes presented in a sophisticated manner. Under the culinary stewardship of Chef Rubén Pujol, diners can expect a revival of classic dishes alongside innovative creations that pay homage to Valencia’s rich culinary heritage.

From the tantalising aroma of onion-braised cuttlefish to the exquisite flavours of titaina, each dish at ‘El Gordo de Cortes’ tells a story of tradition and innovation. Noteworthy mentions include the iconic Valencian paella, prepared with meticulous care using the finest ingredients…and the oven-baked rice, a comforting rendition of a beloved classic ‘arroz al horno.’

Complementing the gastronomic delights is an extensive wine selection featuring both local and international varietals, curated to elevate the dining experience to new heights. With panoramic views and sophisticated interiors, El Gordo de Cortes invites guests to savour every moment, indulging in the pleasures of good food, fine wine, and captivating ambiance.

As Salva and Pablo Martínez embark on this culinary journey, they invite diners to join them in experiencing the heights of gastronomic excellence. With ‘El Gordo de Cortes’, they aim to redefine the culinary landscape of Valencia, offering a dining destination that is as elevated as it is unforgettable.

In the bustling city of Valencia, where culinary experiences are plenty, El Gordo de Cortes stands out as a beacon of culinary innovation and excellence. As patrons savour the delectable offerings and soak in the breathtaking views, they are reminded that sometimes, pleasure truly does require a certain height – a height that El Gordo de Cortes effortlessly achieves.

Report by Abi Kara-Fernandes

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


EL GORDO DE CORTES (near Palacio de Congresos)

Av. de les Corts Valencianes, 47




Tel:  +34960619285

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