A special-edition burger, available only this May, ‘The Burger Dalimeña’, will bring together the two Americas, through the collaboration of Peruvian restaurant, ‘Dalima’, and American restaurant, ‘Jenkin’s’. These restaurants from the opposite side of the street along Gran Vía Marqués are finally coming together after months of development, to create a delicious burger that is a fusion of the best of the two cuisines and cultures. Available only at Jenkin’s Gran Via, the Burger Dalimeña promises to surprise the city’s palates.

It all started at the beginning of 2024, when both restaurants, who were watching each other attentively from opposite sides of the street, decided to bring their gastronomies closer together. Dalima’s owner, Javi Calduch, crossed the street and proposed to the leaders of Jenkins, Diego and José Esteban, a collaboration that combines the spirit and tastes of both brands. Javi says that he always had the idea of collaborating with Jenkin’s. “I consider them the best in Valencia,” he says, as a regular customer of his neighbours. When, together with Richi Goachet, his partner in the project, he decided to expand the universe of Peruvian sandwiches and approach the field of southern burgers, he quickly knew who to contact.

Dalima is a restaurant that incorporates dishes such as the seco de pato – a northern homage with magret, creamy orzo, pumpkin, shitake and crispy quinoa, while Jenkin’s is a restaurant that is proud of their meat patties, made with 100% US beef, and artisan ingredients. With four establishments around Valencia where the company originated, one in L’Eliana, and a sixth that has just been launched in Madrid, Jenkin’s has a whole list of awards behind it.

The feat of creating the perfect burger took around three months of tests and trials until they achieved the recipe they have for us today. While both Valencian brands may seem very different, they share the same values in terms of product quality and their passion for gastronomy. While Jenkin’s brings their signature high-quality Black Angus USA Prime beef all the way from Omaha, Dalima brings the artisanal aji amarillo baked bread, made with a spicy yellow chilli paste and their vegetables cooked in josper and smoked cheddar that just characterises Lima’s cuisine. These fiery elements come together alongside the creamy and slightly spicy lomo saltado sauce, launched by Dalima’s chef, David Jengibre to create the incredible Peruvian-North American burger, ‘The Dalimeña’.

This union of restaurants reminds us that there are no borders in the kitchen: if there is one thing that Burger Dalimeña has come to prove, it is that the hamburger belongs to all the Americas!

Report by Jenny Grierson

Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia


Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 59





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