Available in Spanish or Valenciano, this is a book full of bars and photographs and information where you can have an ‘almuerzo’…a good late breakfast or early lunch in Valencia. There are  recipes and reports about this great moment of the day and great stories told by Vicent Marco. This is a book for all those who enjoy the good things of life like ‘almuerzos’ as is the Valencian custom! Here you can read about culinary wonders, fascinating legends, delicious stews and “places where the hours do not pass but remain forever in the memory.”  This book is a declaration of love, almost of devotion at one point in the day: a late breakfast or an early lunch. This is also a book about “the art of conversation  in Valencia, that is accompanied by nuts and olives and snacks including grilled vegetables; to regain energy and reconcile with the Mediterranean way of life.”

This book is also a documented tour of the different elements that make up ‘el almuerzo’ in  many bars and the people who support them… the true protagonists of the love story between ‘el almuerzo’ and the Valencian people. You will have a great book in your hands to really explore the best places to have a good bite to eat in Valencia. The book includes the collaboration of Vicent Baydal, Ximo Carrión, Felip Bens, Guillermo Colomer, Ana Valls, Lluís Campello, Lidia Caro and Joan Ruiz Esmorzaret.

VICENT MARCO ( Benifaió, 1981 ) is a journalist, screenwriter and writer. He has already published numerous books for all ages. A lover of gastronomy when he was just 16 years old… when he started helping out in his uncle’s restaurant. He has fulfilled a dream by going out  for an ‘almuerzo’ every day in Valencia, for many months, to write about Valencian lunches!

FRANCHO LÁZARO AZNAR ( Valencia, 1982 ) is the fourth of five siblings, so he has had to fight for every ‘almuerzo’! His photography includes work involved in advertising, music, art, weddings, architecture and more…

‘ESMORZARS VALENCIANS’ by Vicent Marco / Photography by Francho Lázaro Aznar

You can order the book with no shipping costs:…/tastaoll…

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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