The chemist and writer Enrique Vaqué revealed the details of his next novel at the Casino de Agricultura’s Reading Club. The fall of the ‘Banco de Valencia’ and the Russian mafia will be the protagonists of his next book. Pablo Sánchiz-Carnaud, the Valencian aristocrat who is the protagonist of Enrique Vaqué’s latest novel, ‘La  Red Tarantula’, will also be the protagonist of the next one, and will navigate in recent and well-known  recent and well-known historical events, such as the fall of the Banco de Valencia and the attempt of the mafia to  Valencia and the attempt by the Russian mafia to enter the economy of the Valencia region.

This was explained by the renowned Valencian author and chemist at the Reading Club of the Casino de Agricultura run by the ‘bookinstagrammer’ Margarita Quesada. The reading club of the ‘Casino de Agricultura’ seeks not only to enjoy the the latest book by an author, but also to get to know the writer behind it and to delve deeper into the art of writing.

Enrique Vaqué, after publishing ‘Los colmillos del trópico’ and ‘Los señores del fin del mundo’, has managed to consolidate his reputation with ‘La Tarántula Roja’ and his aim is for his main character to be the same in his next creations.

Vaqué has a PhD in Chemical Sciences and an MBA in Business Administration.  His long career as an executive in the chemical-pharmaceutical chemical-pharmaceutical industry has allowed him to travel and get to know at close quarters, from the high-rise buildings of large multinational companies to the huts in the villages of Equatorial Africa, a journey that has allowed him to observe the mechanisms of power that some men exert over others.

The aim of this Book Club is to understand, analyse, debate, think, and also to choose a novel and to think and also to choose a novel and get to know the author. To see other to understand them, to listen to them. But above all and above all, to have fun and enjoy. So every two months, the ‘Casino de Agricultura’ hosts a talk with an author, directed and presented by Margarita Quesada.


 Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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Casino de Agricultura

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