‘ETNOMÚSIC’ festival 2023 FROM APRIL 20 to JUNE 10!

Valencia’s annual ETNOMÚSIC festival, held at L’ETNO, Museu Valencià d’Etnología, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an eclectic lineup of musical performers from around the world.

The museum, translated into English as ‘L’ETNO, the Valencian Museum of Ethnology’, was created in 1982 to collect, study and disseminate everything related to popular and traditional Valencian culture.

L’ETNO facilitates this annual music festival, running from April to June, putting on concerts each week that focus on providing visibility for ethnic rhythms and celebrating different cultures from across the globe.

Artists A Coruña and Aabier Diaz will take to the stage in May 2023. There will also be performances by the group ‘Mujeres con raíz’, translated to ‘Women with roots’, from the region of Murcia, whose performances pay tribute to the traditional voices of Murcian women.

Efren Lopez will explore music from the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and Central Asia. ETNOMÚSIC festival-goers will also hear from Antonio Castrignanò, who explores the traditions of southeastern Italy through his music.

There are three other elements of the festival to look out for from April to June. ETNOMÚSIC PERIPHERIC presents Maestro Espada, a project where analog synthesizers are layered over traditional castanets and lutes. Esteemed flamenco figure Rocío Márquez + Bronquio will also be performing a new project.

ETNOMÚSIC ALS POBLES will see Naiet Cirerer perform, centering on storytellers and singers, and will also pay tribute to the Valencian groups Krama and Urbàlia Rurana.

A new element to ETNOMÚSIC will be introduced this year focused on families, with a concert of the Cicle Música en Construcció by the duo Silento.


Report by Emily Bray

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photo: ‘Mujeres con raíz’ will perform at the 2023 ETNOMÚSIC festival at L’ETNO, Museu Valencià d’Etnologica.



20 Apr – 10 Jun 2023

Full Schedule:



C/ Corona, 36. 46003. València

Tel.: 963 883 565

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