Flamenco under a Woman’s Banner at ‘Teatre Talia’ On October 11th

Flamenco through the Female Lens

‘Eternas’ is a flamenco group formed by Helena Feenstra on guitar, Pilar Pacheco and Merci Gálvez on vocals, Selene Fernández  as dancer and Pau Martí on percussion. They premiered their show ‘Mujer Creadora’ on March 10th 2020 at the Teatre Talia, four days before the State of Alarm was imposed in Spain. The staging of this show was a success, selling out the seats and getting the audience to rise in an effusive applause that filled these women with warmth and encouraged them to continue creating.

On October 11th they return to the Teatre Talia, where they will perform their show ‘Mujer Creadora’ with the maturity and solidity that these two years have given them along with several reworkings that they will include in this new version. In their show they bring to life the story of a woman, from birth to maturity, a woman who, as time goes by, becomes aware of the roles imposed upon her by patriarchal society and how she deconstructs herself until she becomes a free woman in sorority with the rest of the women in her life. All of this is expressed through song, dance and flamenco. This story could be the story of any woman.

‘Eternas’ shows the face of women as transmitters of art, of life and also of universal values that are valuable both for music and for society. A sample of the strength and sensitivity of women in Flamenco, as a vehicle of artistic expression and as a cry of social vindication: when the depth is born from the union of souls in the face of adversity. That is the essence of Flamenco.

Report by Shemaiah Rose

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia


Eternas. Mujer creadora

Date: 11/10/2022

Time: 20.00h

Address:  Teatra Talia, C/ dels Cavallers, 31, 46001 València

Tel: +34 96 391 29 20

Buy your tickets here:

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