In an historic first, Valencia played host to the prestigious ceremony of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, a moment that solidified the prominence of Peruvian cuisine as Central (Lima) claimed the coveted top spot. The significance of this event extends beyond the confines of the auditorium; it permeates the entire city, generating an extraordinary buzz. One notable occasion was orchestrated by Gin Mare, as they transformed the exclusive Villa Mare in Patacona (Valencia) into an exquisite haven for indulging in two days of culinary artistry and expertly crafted cocktail pairings. Across five enchanting evenings, this sponsored event welcomed a privileged assembly of 280 esteemed guests, who were treated to an extraordinary fusion of culinary excellence from Fierro (Valencia), Atomix (New York) – now elevated to the impressive position of number 8 in the #50Best- list, and Locale Firenze (Florence) – as distinguished names in the Best Bars ranking.

As the waves of anticipation crashed against the shores of Valencia, one could only imagine the exciting experience that awaited those fortunate enough to witness the grandeur of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony. Like a masterful gin, infused with the essence of the sea, the event unfolded, leaving an indelible mark on the senses. It was a symphony of flavours, where culinary virtuosos harmonised their talents, akin to the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. As guests navigated through the culinary voyage, they were swept away on a sensory journey, each dish and cocktail an invitation to explore the depths of gastronomic brilliance. It was a convergence of fine dining and mixology, a shimmering spectacle where the spirit of creativity mingled with the intoxicating allure of the sea. The experience transcended the guests, surrounded by the enchantment of Gin Mare and of Valencia.

Once again, Gin Mare, a great promoter of the 50Best movement, proudly unveiled its revered #ArtOfHospitality 2023 award. While Atomix claimed the honour in the previous year, this time it was bestowed upon the illustrious Alchemist restaurant in Copenhagen, an esteemed establishment that secures the notable position of number 5 in the ranking. This gesture further solidified the brand’s unwavering dedication to exceptional gastronomy, seamlessly harmonising with its extraordinary cocktails.

You can find the respective brands on Instagram: @ginmare, @signne_creativehouse and @somosbrava, as organisers of the experience, as well as the participating chefs: @fierrovlc, @atomixnyc and @localefirenze. You can also use the hashtags #Worlds50Best #TheArtOfHospitality #VillaMare.

Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

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