Granini Celebrates Christmas by Cooking Delicious Christmas Desserts with Organic Juices!


GRANINI: “Granini celebrates Christmas by cooking delicious Christmas desserts with organic juices.

For this festive season, Granini suggests getting together with our loved ones to prepare the most irresistible juice-based desserts.

Granini presents two authentic Christmas recipes by the expert foodies Patricia from Tic Tac Yummy (@tictacyummy) and Montse from Cocina Tu Imaginación (@cocina_tu_imaginacion).

The most awaited time of the year for many is approaching, and with it, the days surrounded by family and friends. The Christmas spirit invades our homes and everything becomes more magical than ever. It is at this time when lunches and dinners become the stars of our days.

To delight your guests this Christmas and to have fun cooking with your loved ones, Granini brings you two authentic Christmas dessert recipes with Granini 100% fruit and Granini 100% ECO, thanks to Patricia Tena from Tic Tac Yummy (@tictacyummy) and Montse from Cocina Tu Imaginación, (@cocina_tu_imaginacion). There is no better plan than spending a Christmas afternoon full of ingredients and Christmas sweets.”

The healthiest and most Christmasy muffins for the whole family

The Christmas spirit possesses everyone, even our favourite desserts. Patricia Tena from Tic Tac Yummy (@tictacyummy), gives us this authentic and healthy Christmas recipe for Christmas tree-shaped muffins made with 100% fruit granini and a glaze with erythritol and avocado.

To prepare this fun recipe, we need to mix: 2 eggs, 50 grams of panela, 120 ml granini 100% fruit orange or peach (your favourite), 60 grams of olive oil, 200 grams of oat flour, 30g of cocoa powder, 8 grams of baking powder and a pinch of salt. Then bake the mixture in individual muffin tins at 180° for 15 minutes.

Then, for the frosting, mash 3 avocados, 150 grams of ground erythritol and a teaspoon of spirulina or green colouring. Pour into a piping bag with a nozzle and top the muffins. To turn the muffin into a real Christmas tree, you can decorate it with caramel pearls and a little grated coconut to give it more authenticity.

The most innovative Christmas dessert: orange cheesecake

Montse, from Cocina Tu Imaginación (@cocina_tu_imaginacion) offers us an exquisite and innovative recipe: delicious Christmas orange cheesecake cups.

For the base we need to crush 7 maria biscuits and mix them with 25 grams of melted butter.

The cream requires: 400 grams of cream cheese, 250 ml of granini 100% ECO orange juice and one and a half sheets of gelatine. First, hydrate the gelatine in a glass of water and then transfer it to a glass with 125 ml of granini 100% ECO orange juice. Next, mix the cream cheese, the glass of juice with the gelatine and 125 ml more juice, using encircling movements until homogenised. Add sweetener to taste, stir and pour into a piping bag.

Next, take the glasses and alternate a layer of biscuit and another of cream until you reach the top of the glass. Finally, decorate with candied orange or orange marmalade and a mint leaf. What a sensation of flavours!


At Granini, our mission is to bring the taste of the best fruit everywhere. Our aim is to offer consumers the possibility of choosing the product that best suits their needs and organoleptic preferences. For this reason, Granini has a wide range of recipes and flavours available in different formats, distributed in three categories: juices, nectars and fruit drinks. All products are made with the best varieties of fruit to obtain the best tasting and highest quality product. That is why granini is the most valued and desired brand by consumers.

Eckes-granini Ibérica is the subsidiary of Eckes-granini Group GmbH, a leading European and Spanish multinational in the premium sector of juices, nectars and fruit drinks. Headquartered in Nieder-Olm, Germany, it is present in more than 80 countries.

In order to further strengthen the brand’s commitment to the planet and its people, in 2021 Granini is strengthening its commitment to the environment through cooperation with the Climate Neutral organisation. The aim is to offset and reduce CO2 emissions to combat global warming.

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