– Lacasa (Conguitos and Lacasitos), Chupa Chups, Cacaolat, Haribo, Cuétara (Oceanix) and Gormiti have chosen ‘La Menorquina’ for the development of unique and different ice creams.

– For the development of these products, the company remains faithful to its commitment to originality and quality, working with the best local suppliers and using the best ingredients, without preservatives and palm oil.

– With these products, La Menorquina presents for the 2021 season a line-up of ice creams full of innovation, with more than 45% of novelties.

La Menorquina, a brand specialized in the manufacture and marketing of ice cream, celebrates its 80th anniversary as the first private label manufacturer in Spain.

The company has collaborated with renowned brands such as Lacasa (Conguitos and Lacasitos), Chupa Chups, Cacaolat, Haribo, Cuétara (Oceanix) and Gormiti, which have entrusted La Menorquina with the development of a series of ice creams that will surprise consumers with their variety and quality.

For Alex Balaguer, General Manager of La Menorquina, “we are delighted to have partnered with these leading brands, with whom we share many values, to put on the market what is probably the best line-up in our history, highlighting qualities that have made us unique during these eight decades: origin, innovative character and unwavering commitment to ice cream of the highest quality”.

Laura Pérez, Chief Marketing Officer of Lacrem, highlights “making good ice cream is a path that our founder Mestre Sintes taught us in his small workshop in Menorca and we are proud to continue creating unique ice creams with the best ingredients and the best products, and now, with the trust of these great brands, experts in their categories, to continue delighting consumers with more attractive and better products every day”.

La Menorquina is the first national ice cream brand in the “Out Of Home” segment. The ice cream market is a dynamic and fast-growing market. La Menorquina is focused on satisfying the needs of consumers, closely following new trends and changing consumption habits… without losing the original values and attributes that made it a reference brand in the sector.

In the case of Lacasa, La Menorquina has created two references from its two most iconic brands: Lacasitos and Conguitos.

For Lacasitos, two versions have been launched: a vanilla ice cream cup with a chocolate egg and a double surprise inside; and a cream ice cream with Lacasitos in cone format.

Conguitos will be available both in cocoa cookie cone format with vanilla ice cream and black Conguitos, and in chocolate ice cream version with white Conguitos and classic cookie cone.

For Chupa Chups, two ice creams have been created; the first is a Chupa Chups-shaped bonbon with strawberry ice cream and white chocolate coating with caramel pieces. The second is a strawberry and orange sorbet popsicle with a lemon topping and pieces of cola-flavored popping candy.

In the case of Cacaolat, the first ice cream with the authentic flavour of its well-known chocolate milkshake has been launched. A delicious chocolate and vanilla ice cream that all consumers will love and that, in terms of design, is reminiscent of Cacaolat’s iconic glass bottle.

In collaboration with Haribo, two concepts have been developed based on two of its benchmark candies: Osito de Oro, a tribute to its iconic bear-shaped candy; and Balla-Stixx, a creamy strawberry sorbet ice cream with a creamy heart that is rich in fruit.

With Cuétara, La Menorquina has reissued its successful launch of a sandwich with creamy ice cream covered in white chocolate, with authentic Oceanix cookie, illustrated with its marine characters that children enjoy so much.

Finally, with Planeta Junior and its successful Gormiti series, a fun ice cream specially designed for the youngest members of the family has been developed, with strawberry and lemon-lime flavored sorbet. The pack of 4 units includes a collectible magnet of the favorite Gormiti characters.

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

About La Menorquina
La Menorquina has been producing exceptional quality ice cream since 1940. A history of more than 80 years since the opening of the brand’s first bakery in Alaior, Menorca, and which maintains today the same innovative spirit to offer only the best to the Spanish consumer. More information at:

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