24/7 VALENCIA:What is the philosophy of Matisse Club and what sort of clientele do you have?

MATISSE CLUB: “The philosophy of Matisse Club is to offer a multi-disciplinary and quality programme, to enrich the listener, as well as to provide an experience where public and artist share an intimate moment live. We believe we have created a space where any person can feel attracted to our proposal, whatever their age or background.”

Tell us about the styles of live music that you can experience…

“As we were saying, we offer all kinds of concerts for everyone. Our programme covers musical genres as far apart as classical music, blues, reggae, jazz, flamenco, swing, salsa, hip-hop, pop, rock, indie and more. We have scheduled ‘Tibetan music’ or ‘Early music’ with a harpsichord, ‘viola de gamba’ and original instruments; with these two examples you can have an idea of the versatility of our programme.”

Could you describe some other activities you have in your programme?

” Aside from our musical programme that covers concerts and jam sessions, we also have agreements for auditions with several music conservatories and music academies.  We also host themed parties, multi-disciplinary performances, exhibitions, paint-music, master classes, stand-up comedy, language exchanges, Schubertiadas, private events, projections, conferences or any kind of celebration. For that matter, the venue is extremely versatile and we believe we will be adding more activities in the near future.”

 Interview by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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Campoamor, 60

Móvil: +34 685 240 014

Zona Plaza Cedro



Open until  03.30am  on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays…

See website for full programme:

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  1. Gee Davis

    I am an American bassist, think of move to Valencia soon. I hope to make new friends and have places to play.
    Gdarrow07. At

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