The Valencian born artist Llorenç Barber opens a new exhibition today at the IVAM. Considered to be one of Spain’s most important sound artists and creator of the ‘Plurifocal concert’, Barber’s work has concentrated on picking sounds from the everyday walks of life and concentrating it into something that allows the listener to experience it in a way that they haven’t before.

In an exhibition curated by Lorenzo Sandoval and Montserrat Palacios and with a collation of bells from more than 200 cities, Barber has continued with his theme of a focused soundscape. The space will allow hundreds of his soundscapes to be placed into a visually unstimulated area, presenting a heightened sense of focus on listening through the reduction of visual distractions.

Alongside the unpublished acoustic installations dating from the 1970s to today, 7000 documents will be donated from Barber detailing his creative processes with him quoted as saying “Everything I’ve written and saved, I want you to preserve in this space. I am still active, but my wish in the future is that this archive will be preserved by the IVAM” and with an already existing trajectory of over 50 years of Barber’s work, the museum space presents itself as a valuable archive to store the sound artist’s creative processes whilst inviting you to both hear and look with your ears in order to hear the world in a way that you haven’t before. The exhibition, Llorenç Barber. Archive of Listenings, runs from the 8th February – 16th June 2024


Report by Sebastian Garraway

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