A story of seven women, 20th-century Argentina, and a book that took 12 years to write: author and journalist Mayte Aparisi discusses her novel  “Los Ruidos de la Noche” at the Casino de Agricultura Book Club.

 The Valencian journalist discussed with avid readers how she immersed herself in the life of another family for 8 hours a day to gain the knowledge and insight she would use to write the incredible novel. The book, translated in English as ‘The Noises of the Night’, delves into a journey that begins in Beirut in 1880 and ends in Valencia in 1985. The story captures the life and struggles of the family of one of Aparisi’s close friends, Gisela Renés. The novel narrates the history of 20th-century Argentina, explores the history of emigration, reveals the story of a modern dictatorship, but also contains elements of tenderness, humour and determination that touch the human soul.

Members of the Book Club gained a deeper understanding of the novel and had the opportunity to ask Aparisi questions about the journey of the novel’s creation, her inspiration and her thought process behind the genius. The Casino de Agricultura Book Club aims to analyse, debate and understand novels on a deeper, more intimate level. Participants can choose a novel and have the option to get to know the author, but most importantly, to have fun and enjoy the discussions. Every two months, Casino Rock hosts a talk with an author directed and presented by Quesada.

Report by Emily Bray

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