##24/7 VALENCIA:Could you tell us more about your services and expertise?

CENTRO ÓPTICO LOSAN: We have over 20 years of experience dedicated exclusively to vision care. Located in C/ Fontanars dels Alforins in the Patraix barrio of Valencia, our centre has specialists in optometry and contactology.

At ‘CENTRO ÓPTICO LOSAN’ we control the development of vision for children and the analysis and assessment of vision for adults of all ages, with the help of the latest and most advanced technologies.

CREDIBILITY and QUALITY are the references we offer when carrying out our work.

We give CONTINUITY and STABILITY in the monitoring of eyesight to all those who entrust their visual health to the professionals of the Losan Optical Center.

Our EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE guarantees the professional career of the Losan Optical Center.

There are many people who visit us regularly to enjoy this service.

To each and every one of them: THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING US!

C/ Fontanares dels Alforins, 70
46018 – VALENCIA
Tel. / Fax. 96 378 17 32 (FOR APPOINTMENT)
e-mail: opticalosan@hotmail.com
website: https://www.opticalosan.com/

From Monday to Friday:
Mornings 09:30 h. – 13:30 h.
Afternoons 17:00 h. – 20:30 h.
Saturdays: 10:00 h.-13:30h.

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