Valencian artist Lu Gorritz has brought his exhibition “The limits of my language” to the Casino de Agricultura. He has curated the works, placing them “between the natural field of random physics and the strict demarcated conditions of language“; he explains that the composition of these pieces is due to adapting to the exhibition space.

The feeling is that the works aim to contribute a kind of rebellious stance to an organised world and its institutions…in harmonising the strokes on the canvas, in such a way that the chaotic becomes appropriate. The expressiveness in this way is controlled and as such the works are more pictorial. The exhibition is one of mixed media, using acrylics, markers and graphite pencils. The works are named by individual codes that place them in an era.

The painter Lu Gorritz was born in Millares, Valencia 1959, where he developed his artistic career and has exhibited continuously in several galleries, as well as at Detour Gallery in New York. Since 2020, he has had his own gallery in the Ruzafa area, specifically on C/ del Duc de Calàbria 6b, where both the gallery and the workshop are located in the basement and you can actually observe him work from the street. He periodically holds abstract art workshops here too. Essentially, he is opening his studio to those who admire his distinctive art and artistic talent too.

Report by Alice Teasdale

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


Casino de Agricultura

Carrer de les Comèdies, 12

46003 València

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