‘Marquina-Selfa Trio’ at ‘Matisse Club’ on September 18th!

Carpesa is a pueblo of  the Valencia community, surrounded by orchards and village houses that date back to times gone by and it is the inspiration for the album “Carpesa Estesa”, that will be presented by the ‘Marquina-Selfa Trio’ this Sunday 18 September at 7 p.m. at ‘Matisse Club’ (Calle Campoamor 60).

The concert, which has the support of the Fundación SGAE and the Instituto Valenciano de Cultura de la Generalitat Valenciana, is part of the tribute paid by the Sala Matisse to the Valencian trombonist Toni Belenguer, who died in 2020.

“The album is inspired by little things like going for walks, going up to the terrace to hang out. I tried to pour all my training, both academic and professional, in classical and jazz, to make this work that somehow collects compositions from different years, but all composed in Carpesa”, explains Eduard Marquina-Selfa, Valencian pianist and leader of the project.

In the album, made up of 9 tracks, two trends walk hand in hand: jazz and classical, which subtly open the door to sounds of traditional Valencian music.

“What the public is going to find is a trio album of original compositions in which we try to avoid absolute genres or styles and which gives a lot of room for improvisation”, adds the pianist.

The LP opens with “Preludi”, the first theme, based on a classical baroque form, followed by “Dark Blue”, inspired by the deep blues of the sunset, before giving way to “Carpesa Estesa”, the title track of the LP. In it, Marquina-Selfa uses as inspiration such an everyday moment as putting the washing out to dry to reveal the beauty of the sound of falling drops of water.

“Interludi”, an embrace between the two dominant genres of the album, is a rhythmic, melodic and harmonic experimentation; “Hondo aficionado”, born under the influence of flamenco, is born from the influence of his work with the flautist and composer Óscar de Manuel, winner of the award for Best Flamenco Instrumentalist at the Festival de Cante De Las Minas and founder of the flamenco orchestra “OFF Valencia”.

“Sons per Toni” is dedicated to Toni Belenguer with whom Marquina Selfa has shared experiences, learning and a deep friendship.
“I based it on his cosmic personality and it is the most open theme, the one that floats the most, the most volatile”, explains Marquina-Selfa.

For this album, which will be released on Sunday, the Valencian musician is surrounded by the American Matt Baker on double bass and Sergio Martínez – a student of Rubem Damtas – on percussion to deliver a journey that sounds like the smile of lovers waking up, the beauty of the usual and the affection for one of the most renowned national trombonists.

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’

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‘Marquina-Selfa Trio’ at ‘Matisse Club’

September 18th



C/ Campoamor, 60






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