‘Mediterranean fashion week’ is well and truly under way, the most spectacular evening to start the calendar of shows across this weekend. Opening with a beautiful homage to Mediterranean culture as a show of dancers took over the Plaza de la Virgen, in a traditional dress of Valencia called ‘traje de fallera’. The staging was a declaration of love for the land. The popular group ‘Les Folies de Carcaixent’ presented “A L’aire“, a show that marks a Valencian flavour, showcasing exquisite and passionate dancing. On the whole, it was an emotive performance, uniting art, culture and fashion in a unique visual symphony.

Alejandro Resta started the artistic celebrations with a parade of his ‘VALENTIA‘ collection. The Plaza de la Virgen, October 5, was transformed into a Haute Couture catwalk with an extravagant opening parade of the second edition of the Mediterranean Fashion Week Valencia. The renowned designer Alejandro Resta captured the attention of the city with his ‘Valentia’ collection, a passionate tribute to his land and to Valencian painter and maestro Sorolla,.

The ‘Valentia’ collection celebrates the land of Valencia where Alejandro Resta was born. It is an expressive and emotive collection, each piece is highly unique and bold too. This is ‘statement’ fashion, which holds the intention of encouraging women to feel strong and express themselves. The collection features loud patterns and bold volumes that run across the silhouettes. Shades of pink, purple, grey, green, yellow and blue, along with crystals and flowers, adorn the ‘Valentia’ woman. The array of textures in this collection represents a culture that is alive, a visual spectacle of the Mediterranean woman.

Divided into two parts, the first is a tribute to the legendary artist Sorolla with  black and white designs. Secondly, there is also the ‘Valentia’ collection which presents brushstrokes of colour. All designs have an organic essence, a flowing silhouette of various asymmetrical designs and ornate pieces to match. The delicacy of the materials and cut , combined with the loud extravagant silhouettes, is somewhat poetic… and presents a strong image of femininity. The hats, handmade by Encarna Roig, and the jewellery in the collection, created by Gracia by Yolanda, add a unique touch which contributes to the story, which Resta has created with his emotive designs.

Alejandro Resta, filled with creativity and passion for the arts, consolidated his skillset with his studies in design, pattern making and dressmaking in schools in Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona. In a constant process of innovation, designs of exceptional quality and elegance…for Resta, the aim is the integration of the mysterious and refined in his design style.

The Mediterranean Fashion Week Valencia 2023 has begun with a parade that has not only stood out for its exceptional creations but also for the fusion of art, culture and fashion. In addition to Resta, the fashion show calendar will run until October 8 at the Only YOU Hotel Valencia.

Report by Alice Teasdale 

Photo copyright Alice Teasdale/ ’24/7 Valencia’

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

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