##Within ‘Mercabañal’ we find several different spaces: ‘El Bar’ -where you can enjoy a vermouth or a well-served caña of the classic ‘El Águila’ beer, whose first factory was located precisely in El Cabanyal-; ‘La Freiduría’ – fish from the fish market and El Cabanyal Market, fried with artistry-; ‘El Ultramarinos’ – quality embutidos, a selection of local cheeses, tomatoes and salads with seasonal products, etc-; ‘La Paraeta’ – an open pantry that aesthetically pays tribute to these classic establishments – and ‘Pizza Lab’ – a space managed by Sorsi e Morsi, that winks at Spain’s Mediterranean neighbours in Italy and offers a dynamic menu of unconventional pizzas based on local products.
This gastronomic market, which claims tradition and neighborhood life from a contemporary perspective, will open its doors to the public tomorrow, Friday May 31 at 12 noon. Mercabañal is a space of popular vocation, for that reason a simple, affordable, but top quality gastronomic offer has been designed. It will also cover a very large open kitchen schedule, which will serve for the “esmorzaret”, tapas for the “tardeo” and the first hours of nightlife in the area. The experience will be completed within a few weeks when the terraces built in height are enabled, with views of the sea and the spectacular sunsets of El Cabanyal.

“This space is alive. It will continue to grow and expand its offer. There is still much to unveil, “said José Miralles, one of the promoters of this space, during the presentation to the press that took place this morning. “The decision to locate the entrance door on C/Astilleros is not accidental. We love having the sea 30 meters away, but we want to look at the neighbourhood “, added Miralles, owner of other restaurants near the beach such as Brassa de Mar.

Behind Mercabañal we also find Hugo Cerverón and Nacho Medina, two global travellers who have “imported” interesting ideas to this restoration project. Finally, the image design of Mercabañal has been carried out by the graphic artist Mutan, who has been inspired by the idiosyncrasy of the architecture of this seafaring district, with its beautiful facades covered with traditional ceramics.

C/  Eugenia Viñes, 225 (Entrance is on C/Astilleros at back of building)
Zona Cabanyal

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