##Multi-talented artists of such high level are a rarity today; Myles Sanko defines himself as an author who has fun creating, which results in a very honest work from beginning to end: he composes and writes the lyrics, the rhythms, the melodies; his hobby is photography, he designs his own covers and he records and edits video clips.

After years working with the same musicians spread between Cambridge and London, with whom he has played in more than 200 concerts in Europe, the recordings in the studio have given life to his ideas. The band are united; they have a lot of fun playing together and they transmit it via the songs; they amalgamate rhythms with jazzy lines plus a ‘Soul Era’ vibe too.  They also use classical instruments such as the violin or the cello. “I’ve bet on a classic jazz production, keeping it soulful and seriously groovy. I wanted to capture my musical journey from the beginnings in the hip-hop of my youth through my discovery and interpetation of soul and now jazz. I wanted to reflect my current vibe while transporting fans to new and exciting places,” explains Myles.

With his third album, the singer, composer, producer, musician, designer and cinematographer Myles Sanko adds another chapter to his particular and intense journey. “Just Being talks to me about love, hope and politics and has a piece of me in every part…”  he says.

Myles Sanko is a breath of fresh air, with an elegance and quality that stands out on today’s vibrant soul music scene. His is a  unique personality with a powerful presence live. He is a figure that can only grow year after year, with every record release stronger than the last. Inevitably, his fan base is growing by the year.


Myles Sanko

July 18


16 Toneladas (Valencia)

Calle Ricardo Micó, 3,

46009 Valencia


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