Phonomatonexpress began as a collaborative project between Antonio M. Souto and music professionals, as he shared the stage with many performers, photographing and writing reports on their concerts. After years of employing this approach, Antonio realised that he had been missing a unique and important angle that was often overlooked in the music scene. This new approach to Phonomatonexpress involved shining the spotlight onto essential behind-the-scene figures – the characters he had crossed paths with who are often forgotten – such as the venue owners, promoters, sound technicians and the audience. Antonio explains, “everyone has a place, because everyone in their own way is important for the show to go on.”

Evolving into a personal project ran solely by Antiono, Phonomatonexpress now acts as a portrait catalogue of passionate music-lovers. One of the most notable parts of the evolution of this project is the use of mobile phones to capture these images, and the choice to put an end to the use of filters, retouching, and editing. Distancing itself from the technical capacity of professional cameras, the use of mobile phone photography allows for more spontaneous, natural images and eliminates the distance that professional photography can sometimes bring about between the photographer and the subject.

Although principally featured on Facebook and Instagram, Antonio has previously displayed his work at an exhibition last year in ‘Biplaza’, Russafa, as well as being currently on display at ‘ElViento’ Bar this May 2024.

To celebrate this photography exhibition related to music, on  Friday 10 May at ‘ElViento’ Bar there will be an acoustic concert at 21h …with free entry. Beers, wines and spirits and tasty ‘pintxos’ are available too.

Antonio is currently preparing Phonomatonexpress’s second exhibition which will run from the 3rd of June until September. This exhibition will reveal 78 new portraits, each of them with a different story behind them.

 Report by Jenny Grierson

 Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia

‘Phonomatonexpress’ photo by Antonio  M. Souto



May 2024

ElViENTo Bar

Carrer de l’Església del Rosari, 8



Tel: 606882000


Facebook: @ELViENTo


Phonomatonexpress’s Instagram:

Phonomatonexpress’s Facebook:

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