We have been cycling from Denia to Jávea (Xabia), taking the Cabo de San Antonio as the main reference, but now we’re going to cycle south, to Cabo de la Nao, discovering some other beautiful places in the area.

Jávea and the surrounding countryside is one of the prettiest areas in the País Valencia. Leaving the village, you can head towards Arenal beach, perfect for a quick dip in the sea, with its fine sand and clear water – although there are plenty of tourists who will be doing the same in the summer months. You’ll find more tranquil places later on where you can relax and enjoy the sea, so don’t worry if this nice sandy beach is packed.

pine trees and covesAt the end of Arenal beach, follow the road that runs to Cabo de la Nao, which runs gently uphill through dense woodlands full of pine trees and Mediterranean bushes. This road overlooks cliffs with fantastic views over the sea… you will see a stone cross to the left, which is the beginning of a wonderful pedestrian path that leads to the seashore. If you have a mountain bike, you can even try to do it.

On the main road, a kilometre and a half later, another road on your left leads down to sea level, to the Cala del Portixol, a delightfully pretty cove. As soon as you start to descent, you can see the island that protects the little bay with its stony beach and crystal clear waters. To the right, on the beach, is the La Barraca restaurant, a great place to eat arroz a banda cooked in a large casserole and made with excellent, freshly caught seafood.

Taking the beach as the central point, there are pedestrian routes to the right and left along the coast where you can enjoy the unspoilt fauna of the sea, clearly visible as you walk because of the amazing transparency of the water. Going back to the original main road, now turn left towards Cabo de la Nao. This is another pretty road cutting through pines, and views from the headland (el Cabo) are worth checking out. Go back down the road that led to the Cabo, and then turn towards the left to descent again, this time to visit the cove named Cala de Granadella.

The descent runs towards the sea along a narrow, curvy path whose beauty is jaw dropping. There is a densely rich growth of pines, bushes, shrubs and flowers on both sides of the path in one of the most beautiful landscapes you can see close to the seashore. The beauty of the descent prepares you for this stunning little cove, flanked by two enormous mountains, with round stones for its beach and enticing water.

Cala_del_Moraig_del_Poble_Nou_de_BernitatxellIt’s an amazing little part of our region, in some ways a very typical cove of the Mediterranean Sea, hidden between big mountains, beautiful and protected from the open sea. As you can see when you get closer to the sea, there are only a few little houses in a block, used in the past by the fishermen who had their small fishing boats on the left shore of Granadella.

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