The ‘24/7 Valencia’ team had a great lunch here for 2 on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the cosmopolitan Cánovas district of the city.

The vibe of the long and spacious restaurant was relaxed & positive. We found that the service was most friendly and helpful. The food was very colourful, tasty and filling. We went for a couple of refreshing ‘Voll-Damn’ malt beers to accompany our Sunday lunch. Our starters were a selection of artistically presented little pastries of cheese, salmon and anchovies on trendy black platters, replete with a sauce to lightly dip.

For our main course, we went for a lamb burger in a green avocado bun and a rich Angus burger in a red bun with potato chips. We were gently impressed by the quantity and quality. To finish off, we savoured a delicious cheesecake & also a memorable mascarpone with hazelnuts. There was love & art put into the dishes that we tried…

The ‘blues’ soundtrack (Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Robert Johnson, Albert King) also went down a treat…

This brand new project has interesting origins. It involves a couple of lads who didn’t even know each other before but since meeting have shared the same objective: to create something original and unique!

After meticulously studying their sector, doing tests, comparisons and thanks to twenty years of experience in the world of restaurants, ‘Rainbow Burger’ has come to life.

This is a re-examination of the everlasting hamburger, but includes some unusual meats like rabbit, lamb and exotic meats like zebra, kangaroo and crocodile!

On the menu, there are also vegan and vegetarian choices, to keep happy the good people that have chosen those paths in life. For those with the finest palates, they have 2 new burgers to enjoy: the Sushi burger and the Avocado burger!

As well as this, you can enjoy bocadillos with fresh fish, salmon and fried octopus. All of their buns are served with homemade sauces, spicy potato chips and crunchy vegetables a la tempura.

Why Rainbow Burger?
The name rainbow refers to that which most characterizes their burger bar…their buns come in an array of colours!

Tired of the same old bocadillos? Thanks to their natural tints, that are 100% organic with fruit and vegetable extracts, they have decided to give life to their bread which, last but not least, is made in-house and on the premises.


Calle Salamanca, 26
Tel: 961 00 35 85
Zona Cánovas
Facebook Rainbow Burger Valencia

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