Ramon Martinez Buades Interview

Tell us something your background.

My late father was a polyglot who spoke, wrote and read in Spanish, English, French and German with remarkable ease. This meant that I had a very cosmopolitan upbringing on all levels. I should also add that he was a great lover of art & music, he drew and painted and also played the guitar and piano. So I was fortunate to grow up in an artistic household as a child. Later on, as a promising student, I chose to study Fine Arts at the University of San Carlos in Valencia, where I was awarded a degree with notable grades.

Did you start to draw and paint from a young age?

I really took up drawing and painting seriously at university. I started to paint professionally since my first exhibition, “Las Ciudades y El Cielo” in Galería Valle Ortí in Valencia back in the year 2000, where I managed to sell all my paintings.

What are your influences?

You can find my biggest influences in the world of ‘Art Rock’… the connections I find between abstract painting and hard rock, heavy metal and Gothic groups. All of these have influenced me, combined with abstract geometry, Mondrian, Ben Nicholson and Cubism. The Spanish sculptor Alfaro has also been an influence on my work.

Can you tell us about your latest exhibitions?

I am not actually exhibiting in any gallery at this moment in time. I am currently exhibiting in new and alternative spaces like restaurants, café bars and pubs in the city and municipal salas in the pueblos. I tend to personalise the space I exhibit in and title it accordingly. My most important exhibition to date was “La Calle del Destino” in L’Espai of Torrent in 2014, which was catalogued, too.

What are your objectives when you paint?

I have various objectives, to find a beauty, a coherence and a subject that makes the viewer think. I’m always looking for something positive, something modern that reflects the time and society we live in. Regarding my own painting, I’m looking to create something that doesn’t jar, that is well-integrated thematically speaking but also original and potentially decorative. I want to produce something that is agreeable to the eye and of real quality as well.

Can you tell us about your musical projects?

With regard to music, my proficiency as a guitarist is rather more that of an amateur. I’m interested in learning skills as an electric guitarist principally and more concretely in the fields of Goth and Roll. I’m playing in a few different bands with varying styles and genres of music  but what most interests me most is to be a  good, hard rock guitar player.

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Ramon Martinez Buades

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