24/7 VALENCIA: Tell us something about your background and musical experiences.

SUSANNA GREGORIAN: I was born into an Armenian family of musicians and scientists. As a child, I was always listening to music and singing even before I started speaking. I also wished to be a dancer but the magnificent sound of the violin won me over. Since my schooldays and then the Moscow conservatory, I have played a lot of recitals and chamber music concerts. I was leading an orchestra as a concert master, chosen by world renowned Professors. I’m always grateful to all of them! I have been fortunate enough to have played violin all over the world, from Sydney to Berlin and London to Rio. Aside from Armenia and Russia, I have also lived and worked in Germany and England and now Spain.

What is it that makes Classical Music so special?

I don’t know exactly, but I guess it’s those special high vibrations and perfect harmonies like the music of Mozart, for example! Unfortunately, Classical music has been getting less popular in recent years. Modern pop music is dominating at the moment BUT I’m sure that all the great treasures created by Classical composers will never ever be forgotten. It is our duty as artists to keep these great works alive!

Who are your favourite composers and why?

It is difficult to say as there are so many of them. Mozart – pure, perfect harmony with a beauty that comes directly from heaven! People say that God was dictating melodies to the genius that was Mozart. Vivaldi – incredible energy and all kinds of images! I love to play Vivaldi any time. Beethoven! His music always sounds fresh even it’s played 1000 times… it has lots of strength and positivity! In reality, Beethoven was suffering for so much of his life. Tchaikowsky! Lots of passion…a Russian soul.

Describe a typical day at the Palau de Les Arts…

The day begins in the morning when between 10am–11am we get together for the ensayo (rehearsal). We have a quick coffee break for 20 minutes and a chance to catch up with colleagues. Sometimes, we’re having a double-session of rehearsals until the evening. In the case of longer breaks, there is always an opportunity to relax on terrazas outside the Palau or practice in camerinos – special rooms. The days of the show are nice; after work the musicians go out for drinks & tapas…

How do you find Spain as a place to live compared to Russia?

Much more relaxed, more sunshine and, of course, the sea! But for intensive work, it’s a bit different. Probably in cold countries people have a faster rhythm of life that goes with a stronger need to survive! I have also noticed a similar hospitality and the warmth of the people, Españoles  and Russo – Armenians !

Do you have any plans for the future?

I prefer not to make big plans and also not to share them !…:)

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