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    Chocolate Comes is a chocolate museum, factory and shop located in the city of Sueca, just a 30-minute train ride from the centre of Valencia. The COMES family have been dedicated to chocolate-making since 1870 and have been distinguished by the Valencian Generalitat with the title, Qualification of “Artisanal Chocolatiers”. If you have a sweet […]

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    Lindt Chocolate Launches its First Vegan Chocolate Bar in Spain

    The Swiss purveyor of premium chocolate continues to delight chocolate lovers everywhere with its creamy and delicious chocolates, now with a vegan alternative. The new product “Lindt Original Vegan Recipe” can be found in two different flavours: Lindt Vegan Original and Lindt Vegan Hazelnut. For the World Veganism Day event on the First of November, […]

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    La Ruta: Valencia’s Hidden Underground, Coming to the Surface

    Just a day after I arrived in Valencia, my attention was drawn to a cultural movement existing here in the 80s and 90s. Labelled ‘La Ruta del Bakalao’ (also known as the Destroy Route, or simply La Ruta), this was a scene that represented many things at once: unlimited expression, the acceptance of all, and […]

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    Take part in the Golden Bunny Easter Hunt

    Because it is not Easter without Lindt chocolates! Swiss premium chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli invites all the chocolate lovers to celebrate Easter by organising an Eastern Hunt with its iconic Gold Bunny and chocolate eggs and mini chocolate eggs, created specially for this time of year. Lindt Master Chocolatiers created the Golden Bunny over […]

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    #24/7 VALENCIA: COULD YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT THIS NEW FORMAT? LINDT: “Fall in love with LINDOR’s new gold heart-shaped tin! This year, Swiss premium chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli has launched a new format of its iconic red heart-shaped tin, which now comes in gold and an assortment of chocolates in three flavours: Milk, […]

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