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    How fabulous is Valencia during the summer? The weather is magnificent and the city has a more relaxed vibe. Awakening in the fresh light, the city is alluring, people are in their summer-fun mode and the pace is perfect. Restaurants and bars are opening again and it’s a joy to be strolling around the historic […]

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    By now you probably all know my eternal love and fascination with the beet – my most favourite of vegetables. What did Tom Robbins say in ‘Jitterbug Perfume’? “A tale that begins with a beet will end with the devil. That is a risk we will have to take.” Great book, great vegetable. What’s that […]

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    Figs are the most quintessential of summer fruits and a particular favourite of mine. Once, rather drunk at a house party in Australia in the summer of ’98 in Fremantle, where fig trees grow in backyards like Boganvilleas do in Spain…I spied a laden fig tree in the early crepuscular light! Seizing opportunity and armed […]

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    Summer in Valencia

    HOT TOWN – Summer in the city I was sitting at the Escalones de la Lonja a couple of years ago, washing down calamares with beer on a night when the high for the day hit 28 degrees. The Gothic gargoyles of La Lonja loomed overhead, the façade of the Central Market stared me in […]

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    Walking on Sunshine

    Sunscreen Valencia, as the editorials of this magazine often remind us, is a sun soaked leisure paradise reflected in the glorious blue waters of the Mediterranean. You can’t really argue with the viewpoint except during the monsoon known as the ‘‘Gota Fria’’ in October, and an increasing number of fair skinned northern Europeans are coming […]

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    Benidorm Summer is here and people from all over Europe and the rest of Spain flock to the Valencia coast. Towns like Cullera, Gandia, Calpe and Dénia increase their populations tenfold in the summer months. Valencia prides itself on its wealth of history, architecture and art but it is sun, sea and sand, a formula […]

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