Aesthetes of Valencia, rejoice! Pep Girbent, the Balearic born artist, brings a new exhibition titled “The Girbent Copyist In The Rimontgó Collection” to be judged by the eyes of Valencia. Drawing upon iconic imagery, Girbent allows the viewer to gaze upon what he describes as a ‘portal’ to look upon the Western Pictorial tradition via post-modernity with a fresh and broken down perspective. The exhibition will also contain the chance to bear witness to Girbent’s latest work ‘Interior with figure’ (Lady in the window) which focuses on a frame of a film, allowing its context to be taken from one form and to be reconditioned by the viewer. In this instance to present the longing of a society lady as she gazes out of the window, allowing its presence and cultural circumstances to be completely revisited.

The exhibition will be opening at 19:00h next Thursday (25th January) and will be inaugurated by the artist himself alongside the president of the Foundation El Secreto de la Filantropía and José Ribes of the Rimontgó Collection. The ceremony will feature a screening of his short documentary ‘El Vermeer No. 36’ which ponders over the malleable nature between what can make art priceless or insignificant following the 2016 discovery of a new painting by the Dutch master painter Johannes Vermeer. Marked as a “project of social interest,” the exhibition will be free and can be found at the exhibition hall of the Casino de Agricultura de Valencia (C/ Comedias, 12- 4th floor) from January 25 to April 30, 2024.

Report by Sebastian Garraway

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


Casino de Agricultura

Carrer de les Comèdies, 12

46003 València

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