Get out of the office and onto the sea with Corporate Yachting & Partners’ annual inter-company regatta event, aiming to promote gender equality and inclusivity on an oceanic level.

On the 19th of May this year, Corporate Yachting & Partners will be hosting its 4th Solidarity Regatta for Equality between Women and Men here at ‘La Marina de València’ (The Valencian Marina). Known as “The blue academy of change”, CYP lives up to its claim by uniting sport, business, solidarity, and equality, open to both SMEs and large companies, in a bid to promote gender equality by calling female only or mixed gender teams to participate.

Observing the Gender Equality Index, Spain has been progressing prosperously over the last few years,, with an index of 74.6 out of 100 points in 2022, ranking 6th in the EU on the Gender Equality Index. However, as 25.4 points still remain, CYP recognises the necessity to continue promoting gender equality in the workplace, ensuring that every woman is treated with equality and respect.

The profits of the event will go to projects for women who have recently been at risk of exclusion from The Red Cross. Juan José Collado, provincial president of the Red Cross in Valencia, supports this movement, by stating “Our intervention is oriented towards the empowerment and union of women… in favour of gender equality and battling against different forms of violence and discrimination towards women and girls”. 

Each team will have the opportunity to create their own slogan which will give women a chance to voice their proposed changes and hopes for the future. Attending the event will be a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and to develop your interpersonal skills by networking with other like-minded people and working in a team. Therefore, if you would like to support gender equality, experience a luxurious day with CYP, and are someone who strives towards professional and personal success, then this will be the event for you.

To register for the 4th Solidarity Regatta for Equality between Women and Men, please visit, or call 963 301 303.

Report by Melissa McCrow

 Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

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