The narrative of the restaurant ‘2 Estaciones’ in the hip barrio of Ruzafa (Valencia) is transitioning from sustainability to transformation. Alberto Alonso and Mar Soler’s restaurant is not only bidding farewell to their spring menu with a unique celebration but also eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer. The terrace will be a prominent feature during this season, and various cultural and culinary events will be introduced throughout the remainder of the year.

Just as the arrival of spring depends on the passing of winter, so too does the art of culinary mastery rely on the power of transformation. This profound understanding lies at the core of Alberto Alonso and Mar Soler’s culinary vision, as they stand as the chefs and proprietors of 2 Estaciones – a restaurant that fervently embraces the essence of seasonal cooking and perpetual evolution. Their philosophy, steeped in authenticity, once garnered them the esteemed Bib Gourmand distinction bestowed by Michelin Guide. Yet, their true purpose lies in captivating the palates of discerning diners. As the blossoms of spring gradually fade, their kitchen and dining hall prepare to bid adieu to the vibrant season, heralding the arrival of summer in a transformative manner. For in the realm of gastronomy, a new introduction is best revealed through a bittersweet farewell, honouring the cycle of metamorphosis.

“We transform the products to transform the world”, declare Alberto and Mar. For what is the art of cooking, if not an alchemical force of change? These two visionary chefs have long upheld the noble pursuit of utilising seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients. However, they believe that the time has come to take a qualitative leap in the discourse of sustainability because it is no longer enough. Now, it is necessary to inspire through actions. And so, the petals take flight, making way for gentle breezes and the waves of the sea, while they inaugurate the delightful terrace for summer evenings – nestled on the corner of Pintor Salvador Abril, 28 – and propose a menu that is more in tune with the season.

The essence of transformation can be found in every aspect of Alberto and Mar’s culinary journey at 2 Estaciones. Their commitment to gastronomy begins with the selection of seasonal ingredients, influencing not only the dishes but also the recipes and techniques. The narrative they weave highlights the significance of the product itself, seen as a language of flavours and textures. Alberto and Mar, the heart and soul of the restaurant, represent a harmonious blend of their origins – Alberto from Burgos and Mar from Gandía by the sea. Over the course of ten years in Valencia, they have cultivated a culinary story rooted in conscious spirit, genuine emotion, technical prowess, and artistic creativity.

Farewell Spring:

The flower is shedding its petals, signalling the end of the spring menu that has graced the restaurant for several months. If the menu were to be associated with a flower, Mar believes that “It would be a tulip, as it radiates abundant light”. The team at 2 Estaciones has nurtured and cherished the menu, incorporating recipes with oysters, mushrooms, eggplant, and broccoli mainly. “The best part is that the menu has been well-received from the beginning. We had a clear concept of the dishes. Typically, our main challenge is facing a blank page. We thrive on evolving and pushing boundaries”, explain the chefs.

To give a final touch to the spring menu, a special intimate dinner has been arranged in June, hosting notable figures from the sectors of communication, gastronomy, and culture. The restaurant’s terrace will be transformed into a lush Mediterranean jungle, adorned with lanterns, candles, and flowers. The evening will feature the best seasonal recipes, carefully curated to evoke intense sensory experiences.

Hello Summer:

Summer is one of Mar’s favourite seasons, while Alberto leans more towards autumn, appreciating the offerings of the Mediterranean and the beginning of agricultural cultivation. The summer menu at 2 Estaciones will provide a glimpse of the beach, capturing the essence of water, salt, and even sand. With a delicate balance of freshness, acidity, and sweetness, the dishes will feature seasonal delights such as tomatoes, zucchini, corn, and figs. Accompanied by carefully selected wines and complemented by the restaurant’s daily homemade bread, craftsmanship holds a prominent place in this establishment, reflecting the essence of passion and dedication in their culinary creations.

The exquisite creations of 2 Estaciones can be savoured in their beautifully adorned dining room, which will be enhanced with new lamps, straw hats, bougainvillaea, and starfish. However, the true gem lies in their terrace, where guests can bask in the best summer sunsets and engage in lingering conversations that stretch into the late hours. This vibrant space serves as an oasis in the city and also sets the stage for upcoming initiatives such as seasonal playlists and craftsmanship workshops. 2 Estaciones embraces the cyclical nature of life, bidding a temporary farewell to each season while eagerly welcoming the next. This dynamic restaurant, led by Alberto Alonso and Mar Soler, is in a constant state of transformation, never resting in its pursuit for growth and evolution.

Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’





2 Estaciones

Calle Pintor Salvador Abril 28,

46005, Valencia

Tel:96 3 03 46 70

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