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On the 23rd and 24th of March artichokes will take over the Plaza de la Constitución in Alaquàs in celebration of the traditional ‘Festa de la Carxofa’ (Artichoke festival). The Associació d’Amics i Amigues del Cant de la Carxofa have organised for ten prestigious restaurants to prepare exquisite dishes which incorporate the artichoke at the festival on the Sunday. These range from pulled pork and artichoke bao buns to artichoke guacamole and many more unusual yet delicious food combinations. Ultimately, a judge’s panel will select the best artichoke incorporated dish.

‘24/7 Valencia’ attended the press conference on 27th February. Marieta Alfonso, president of the Associació d’Amics i Amigues del Cant de la Carxofa, highlighted that this festival is not only an excellent cultural celebration but also potent in its role to the Valencian economy as she explained this festival brings in a great amount of tourism and positively affects local businesses, evident in the fact that last year the festival brought in 3,500 visitors.

Other products such as pastries, jewellery and even perfumes will be sold by local businesses at the festival, allowing for a full day out of exploring. The Associació d’Amics i Amigues del Cant de la Carxofa have also introduced the Passaport Carxofa (a passport which can be stamped at local businesses when a minimum spending requirement is met) which allow completers to enter into a draw to win 100 free artichoke tapas.

Tickets can be purchased at the venue on the day of the event. This year, the traditional festival will take place on 23rd and 24th March in the Plaza de la Constitución in Alaquàs, next to the castle.

Report by Mia Raja

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

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